Maths Time Joy and Rich Add to their Superstorm of Emotion on ‘Move’

After slow-releasing each track, Maths Time Joy‘s latest EP, entitled Move, is one track closer to a complete listening experience. The existing four-track collaboration with New York-based artist Rich is a stunning example of how a partnership can elevate individual strengths.

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The title track and opener for the EP immediately strikes a mesmerizing chord of R&B beats. “I think production-wise I wanted to try some intricate sounds and sample elements,” Maths Time Joy tells American Songwriter. “There are a lot of 3/4 time signature R&B songs and I wanted to try and create different rhythm within that template rather than chose something expected.

“For me, I always like to try to build songs towards a climax so that the end section hits the most. I think also the second verse I liked working on also and playing with the production moments, I like using moments or sounds that you only hear once in a track and then never again.”

Despite the track’s soothing quality, Rich’s songwriting surfaced from a difficult era in his life. “I wrote the lyrics to ‘Move’ at a pretty low point. A band I had put a lot of time into was just about to break up and I didn’t really know what was next for myself. This song is my best attempt at calming myself down,” Rich explains.

Outside of “Move,” the MTJ and Rich collab produced a stirring mix of melancholy and hope on the song “Change.” The remaining two songs, “Cut The BS” and “Hoping You’d Call” bring a tempest of passion that blends the two artist’s musical inspirations. “Rich and I share a lot of similar music influences and I think hopefully the project spans across those,” MTJ says. “Rich has allowed me to experiment with sounds without any real boundaries.”

Listen to Move by Maths Time Joy and Rich below, and watch for the full release this fall.

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