New Pearl Jam Song: “Got Some”

“Launching a show like this takes a lot of hard work and one of the things that has sustained me over the past three months was knowing that at the end of our first show I’d get to watch a performance by one of the greatest rock bands in the world,” said new Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien last night.

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Pearl Jam performed their furious new song “Get Some” from their upcoming album, now named Backspacer. The band, who are acting without a record label, will release the album through various distribution methods, including a retail deal with Target stores.

Watch the video below, or right here.

Backspacer was also the name of Pearl Jam’s racing turtle in the Great Turtle Race, a charity event for Conservation International. In  a surprising twist, Backspacer came in ahead of R.E.M.’s sponsored turtle, Nightswimmer.

What do you think of “Get Some”?


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  1. Not bad…definitely not great sound mixing, tune rocks (I was tapping my feet almost instantly)…Eddie strains at times unfortunately, but I look forward to hearing it live later, and also on record. As for the Target thing some people are complaining about, it is the only major chain PJ is going through; othersise, they are dealing exclusively with indie stores, the Ten Club, and online dealers.

  2. i think that was one of the crappiest songs i have ever heard. absolutely horrible garbage. at times they sounded like they wished they were some trendy garage-hipster band and other times like they were actually just kids in a garage that didnt know how to play their instruments very well.

  3. this mike guy doesn’t have a clue about music…and he’s asshole that doesn’t know any pearl jam songs…yes,they sound like they came from garage..thank god for that..they are not polished as your fuckin creed,nickleback and lots of pearl jam wannabies…song rocks…and for you mike…go and make better song..and be the only grunge band that survived…hahaha..asshole

  4. well said bud bozo…altough this song sounds a bit pop…it still rocks…its hard and fast…and of course boy…best bands came from garage…they are pearl jam! come on theyr not u2 or REM…PJ ROCKS!!! the rest dont…stupid fags who criticize PJ playin their instruments…btw I LOVE WHEN MIKE AND STONE ROCK THEYR HEADS OUT! ……………PEACE AND ROCK N ROLL.

  5. Mike is a douche bag nozzle, and obviously has no appreciation for any music. This song is incredible, they kept the sound and switch the style of music, which doesnt say much for most other monotone sounding bands. Oh and by the way, it was ther first time playing tthis song live, and they did it at the first Conan late night premier, maybe they were a little nervous.
    – Fellow junkie

  6. pearl jam are just plain and simply the greatest f***ing band of any time and generation! people who criticize them have obviously heard f*** all songs by them! music that brings passion and raw emotion is what pearl jam is all about! go back and ride the waves! cant wait til they tour down under again in november!

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