Nirvana’s Legendary Reading Gig Coming To DVD

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Gamers can pretend to be anti-hero Kurt Cobain on Guitar Hero 5.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new Nirvana album. 2004’s With The Lights Out box set seemed to close the door on studio sessions and rarities. But there’s plenty of live albums left to be made.

One of the band’s most legendary gigs was their headlining set at the 1992 Reading Festival, and a live CD/DVD of that performance, dubbed Nirvana Live At Reading, will see the light of day November 3, via Universal. The band’s ferocious set features most of the songs from their breakthrough album, Nevermind, and a hand full of tracks from their 1993 followup, In Utero (”All Apologies,” “Dumb,” “Tourette’s”) There are also two covers of songs by somewhat obscure punk bands: Fang’s “The Money Will Roll Right In” and the Wipers’ “D-7.”

November 3 will also see Sub Pop’s remastered release of the band’s debut album, Bleach. The new deluxe edition includes a bonus disc of a live Portland show from February 9, 1990.

You can currently play as Kurt Cobain in the newly released Guitar Hero 5, which features the songs “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and a live version of “Lithium.” “Kurt Cobain is one of the most recognizable frontmen in rock-and-roll history,” states a press release from Activision, the company behind the game, “and it’s an honor to have two of Nirvana’s masterpieces included.”

Full track list for Nirvana Live at Reading DVD:

1. “Breed”
2. “Drain You”
3. “Aneurysm”
4. “School”
5. “Sliver”
6. “In Bloom”
7. “Come As You Are”
8. “Lithium”
9. “About A Girl”
10. “Tourette’s”
11. “Polly”
12. “Lounge Act”
13. “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
14. “On A Plain”
15. “Negative Creep”
16. “Been A Son”
17. “All Apologies”
18. “Blew”
19. “Dumb”
20. “Stay Away”
21. “Spank Thru”
22. “Love Buzz”
23. “The Money Will Roll Right In”
24. “D-7″
25. “Territorial Pissings”


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  1. Only say that, even 20 years have passed there are still nirvana’s business everywhere. I don’t know how much people in america still like this band but, I must say that this band is more huge in worldwide than america. if nirvana still popular in america, then you can understand what I mean and though it doesn’t, trust me, this band is so huge in worldwide and changed the pattern of whole music(even pop culture). it’s an old story, but you really not know, so if you can feel any kinds, just buy it find your own nirvana. don’t trust anything, just buy and feel it.

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