Peachy! Mourns The Loss Of A Close Friendship On New Single “Blood!”

In the past 20 years, the innovations in music technology and social media have advanced so rapidly that the entertainment industry as a whole has become an almost unrecognizable entity. Nowadays, almost anyone can become an international success if they upload and market the right song at the right time. That’s what happened to 17-year-old songwriter, Peachy!, when he released “Falling for U” (feat. mxmtoon), a tune which earned an RIAA Gold certification after quickly racking up hundreds of millions of streams on DSPs. Now, three years later, Peachy! is back with a new single entitled “Blood!”

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Built around Peachy!’s intimate vocal delivery, “Blood!’ shows off the young producer’s finest talents. Between the anchoring bass drum hits, the ethereal swell of synths and pads and Peachy!’s heartfelt performance, the song conveys the Generation Z experience of love, friendship and loss. 

“I wrote ‘Blood!’ about a friendship I had that just took a disappointing turn,” Peachy! told American Songwriter. “I slowly watched one of my closest friends turn their back on me, and that feeling hurts. Unfortunately, it’s too often that we don’t realize how good or bad the people we care about are until it’s too late. We’re often hurt the most, not by strangers, but by those we let in — the people we’re close to. This song isn’t one of hatred, but the disappointment in them and myself for being vulnerable to this person.”

Vulnerability is important to Peachy!, who has embraced a life of minimalism in order to best connect with his craft. Explaining that he writes best when he’s “in complete isolation — shut off my phone, no talking, no noise,” Peachy! retreated to a remote cabin to write “Blood!”

“The intro to this song was just a voice memo on my phone originally, but when I was in Seoul back in September, I made a beat out of it,” he said. “A couple of months later, I took a 5-day trip to a house I rented up in the Catskills. It was so isolated I had to bring all my food with me in a suitcase because there was no way to get food nearby. I shut off my phone and spent days in silence, just clearing my mind, meditating, and connecting with nature. After the ideas started flowing again, I rewrote all the melodies and lyrics, except for the chorus. Silence allows my mind and anxiety to slow down, and once I’m moving at my own pace, I can write, record, and compose more freely and creatively.”

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