Pharis & Jason Premiere Video for Title Track “Bet on Love”

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

Substance over flash.  Power over volume. That’s the way Pharis and Jason Romero make music.

Fashioning music equal parts early country, folk and bluegrass, Pharis and Jason Romero are poised to release their fifth album together in May of this year.  The songs “New Day” and “We All Fall” from the upcoming Bet On Love have made their way into the world already but American Songwriter is proud to premier the video for the album’s title track.

Theirs is a story made for the silver screen. Brought together in 2007 by fate, paired with some scratchy old records and a custom banjo, this oft-awarded Canadian husband and wife duo have been making music, babies, banjos and a life together ever since.  

Produced by Marc Jenkins, “Bet on Love” harkens back to the days of peace, love and flower power folk.  With vocals reminiscent of a mid-seventies Christine McVie or Stone Poneys-era Linda Ronstadt, Pharis Romero commands the focus while Jason’s underlying harmonies add a special layer of depth not often achieved.  

Yet it’s the story she is most proud of.

“This is the most personal and intimate song I’ve ever written,” admits Pharis. “Most of our songs are about other people; it’s exhilarating to sing such a personal song. It’s a release, a permission to be frank about the outward charade I can create, and what it is I desire – ease, smiles, love. Knowing that love – especially for myself – is the channel that guides me best.” 

Simple yet built with volumes of intricate intent, to call “Bet on Love” anything other than masterful would be a disservice. 

“The yodel at the end is so me at my core, when I’m feeling great and relieved.”

In addition to making music, the two-time Juno Award winners (including the 2019 Juno for Traditional Roots Album of the Year) share their gift and nurture other’s talents in their tiny town of Horsefly, British Columbia, some three hundred fifty miles north of the USA / Canadian border.  Pharis is the Artistic Director for Voice Works, a workshop for singers, while Jason teaches all styles of banjo playing. Together they are also. J. Romero Banjos, a custom boutique luthiery so renowned around the world their banjos lie in the hands of greats like Ricky Skaggs, Martin Simpson and other banjo connoisseurs and hopefuls have to wait for their waitlist as it is closed until January 1st, 2021 when it will only open for twelve hours.

If you like what you hear — or have always liked Pharis & Jason — pre-order the album.

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