Premiere: Better Strangers Rock 360 Interactive Video for “Raincheck”

You’ll soon be well acquainted with Better Strangers as the snarling rockers offer up a well-rounded look at their latest.

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The raucous quartet—consisting of vocalist deCasa, guitarist Joey Rodriguez, bassist Yang, and drummer Nic Collins—are premiering a 360-degree music video for their new single, “Raincheck,” a song as ripping as their in-your-face on-camera antics.

Shot entirely using a GoPro MAX action camera, the video offers viewers a unique interactive experience with the ability to flip, rotate, and experience the footage, flashing between each explosive drum hit to animated frontman flair.

“The 360 interactive video is a continuation of the ‘Raincheck’ official music video that we released in December,” the band detailed. “Although we loved creating our own vision for the music video, we also loved the idea that the viewer could manipulate and change what they were seeing throughout the video. We feel this really showcases our live energy as a band to the audience while they’re able to focus in on any band member of their choice.”

Flip it, rotate it, and experience “Raincheck” below.

An aggressive anthem about a toxic relationship, “Raincheck” wails, I’ve got you on the phone but instead you lie / Had to write a song just to let it breathe, and begs, Girl what’d you do to me? Right in front of me.

“‘Raincheck’ is an important release for us as it’s the first song that really shows our more progressive side,” the band explains. “It’s a small glimpse into what our audience can expect from us moving forward; it always goes down really well when we play it live, so we’re excited to finally have it out there.”

Drummer Collins adds, “It’s an exciting time for me, musically, as I’m really finding my footing and discovering who I am as a drummer, musician, and songwriter. It’s hard to ignore the influence that touring with Genesis had on me on a musical and personal level. It’s definitely different from what my dad was writing back in the day, but there are definitely some progressive treats scattered throughout the track. ‘Raincheck’ really introduces everyone as to what kind of drummer I am.”

The single follows the band’s previously released tracks, “But I Don’t Know Your Name” and “Nicotine Dreams.”

Photo by Andres Birnbaum / Clarion Call Media

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