Alana Springsteen Takes Back Her Power in New Single “You Don’t Deserve a Country Song”

I ain’t wasting no paper or any ink in this pen, pop country’s bright newcomer Alana Springsteen promises in her empowering new country-tinged bop, “You Don’t Deserve a Country Song.”

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The tune sees the singer-songwriter deal with heartbreak by taking back her power. I ain’t dusting off an old record, crying watching it spin, she sings, I ain’t touching my guitar, won’t wear my heart on these strings / Won’t waste a line, a perfect rhyme or a single melody on you / You ain’t worth three chords and the truth.

“I wrote this song around the time I remember finally being in a good place after my last relationship ended,” Springsteen told CMT. “At some point, I looked around at this beautiful life I was building, all of the incredible moments and milestones I’ve experienced over the last year or two; and decided I wasn’t going to let this heartbreak overshadow all of the unforgettable things that were happening around me.

“It would have been easy to make this video about heartbreak, but that’s not the message I wanted to send with this song,” she continued of the video that features flashes of some of the milestone moments this last year has brought. “I want everyone to know that what matters most are the people and moments along the way. This video does that.”

Check it out below.

“From a young age, I was in love with storytelling and words,” the rising star recently told American Songwriter of her journey. “A big reason that I fell in love with country music is because no other genre is able to tell the stories that country can.”

In her already storied songwriting career, Springsteen has watched her dreams come full circle, most recently making her debut on the Grand Ole Opry, something she promised herself she would do when she was a little girl. (Watch home footage of that promise in the music video above.)

“I got to play on my birthday, October 18, [2022] and it was such a special day,” she said. “There’s a home video of me as a little kid, first time going to the Grand Ole Opry. I was 10 years old, side stage, and I look at the camera and I’m like, ‘I’m gonna be there.’”

For her debut on the legendary Opry stage, she performed a song she had written at the age of 12. “I decided to play the song because I was just thinking back on younger me dreaming these dreams,” she continued. “I wanted to … just have a moment and be like, ‘This is for her, this is for little me.’”

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