Producers Eliot Lipp and Michna Offer Free Recorded Samples for Musicians to Use During Quarantine


In an effort to encourage artists to stay creative during mandatory quarantines and social distancing around the recent COVID-19 outbreak, producers Eliot Lipp and Michna have created more than 2,000 custom sounds for musicians to use, all royalty-free. The samples, available on Bandcamp, were recorded from scratch in their studios using drum machines, synthesizers, and new and vintage samplers.

“We search for the sounds that are most unique to each piece of gear,” the Brooklyn, NY-based Lipp tells American Songwriter. “Every different synth, sampler, or drum machine has its own voice.”

Sample packs feature vintage Casio SK-5 and Korg EX-800 from the early ’80s, Volca, Moog, and other synths and drum machines.

In light of the current situation forcing artists to stay home, Lipp says they are happy to offer all the sample packs free of charge. “We want music to continue to bring us together although we’re physically apart,” says Lipp.

“Sometimes we will compose full song interludes just by making a sound collage with original samples,” he says. “Sometimes a great way to finish a song is by adding texture to punch up a melody. For example, say you have a vanilla horn stab that needs a little something extra, you could layer in a hi-def vintage synth sample to give it some real character.”

Lipp hopes that the samples help inspire a new song, or piece together the next hit, during these difficult times, when most artists have been forced to postpone tours, album releases, and put their livelihood on hold.

“We’re happy to give these sample packs away for free as a way to help out producers and musicians during this crisis,” says Lipp. “Hearing what everyone has been making with them has been a blast.”

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