Daily Discovery: Radiator King Releases New Single, “Out in the Night”

In a world where everyone is currently stuck inside and longing for the days where they can go back to their favorite restaurant or shop, one must look for some positives. While it is true that there’s limited freedoms to what one can currently do, there’s now more time to spend time with family and friends, get some much required rest that none of us can seem to catch up on, and possibly even improve on themselves, whatever that may be. Boston native Adam Silvestri, otherwise known as Radiator King, pinpoints these simple gifts in life in latest single “Out in the Night.”

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Like many songs, “Out in the Night” is about a love that once was.

“Sometimes the hardest part of a relationship is walking away from a significant other when there’s no real issue, and there wasn’t a fight or a big blowout. You look each other in the eyes, and you have to be honest and say, “I think it’s time we part ways,” says Silvestri. ‘With “Out in the Night,” a really important relationship in my life had ended, and this song reflects my experience dealing with that.”

While this type of situation is often chaotic and not something that anyone looks forward to, Silvestri says that it allows one to be grateful of what came of the relationship and the opportunity to have a blank canvas moving forward.

“The greatest gifts in life are not things you can own. This is true for relationships, too. Some people we along the way become very important in our lives, and if things fall apart, you have to try your best to be grateful.”

The song was produced and recorded by Don DiLego at the Velvet Elk in Pocono Lake, PA. This studio is an ideal location for any musician looking to get away from the outside world for a couple of days to work on their craft.

“Since the Velvet Elk has living quarters, we were all able to stay up there for a few days while we were working on some new songs. It was such a wonderful experience to wake up at the studio every day, have a cup of coffee and start recording. We recorded four songs during the same session.”

While there’s lots of uncertainty surrounding the 2020 tour season, Radiator King and many other musicians are taking to social media to stay engaged with fans. Most recently, Silvestri has been highlighting some of his favorite albums from artists like Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Neil Young. To stay up to date on all things surrounding Radiator King, visit RadiatorKingmusic.com.

“Out in the Night” is available everywhere April 7th!

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