Randi Russo: Fragile Animal


Randi Russo
Fragile Animal
(Hidden Target)
[Rating: 3 stars]

On Randi Russo’s third studio album, Fragile Animal, the New York City singer-songwriter deals in political commentary, internal wars, and delicate survival. On opening track “Get Me Over,” she sounds like a female Jeff Tweedy, and the chorus builds to a sing-along stature. “I’m tethered to time, feeling like I’ve lost my mind/ to places within, under my skin… / So get me, get me over.” The seven-minute-plus “Restless Raga” finds her tackling Indian grooves, and “I Am Real” employs harmonium. Throughout the record, Russo sings about her disappointment in the system, but isn’t confrontational enough to spell it out. The content is buried in the abstract lyrics to gather from it what you will. The idea is to dig, explore, and question the fragile animal inside us all.

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