Rezz Teams Up With Dove Cameron For Alluring New Single, “Taste Of You”

When Dove Cameron got to hear her vocals on Rezz’s new song, “Taste Of You,” for the first time, she could hardly believe it.

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“It was surreal,” she tells American Songwriter. “I’d been listening to it like a fan for months at that point and I really wanted to get it right, even (and especially) to my own ear. I was so happy to hear that my tone—and how it meshed—felt right to me, it’s a vocal space I don’t usually get to explore but that is much more my style.”

First dropping this past May, “Taste Of You” is the newest single from Rezz, a Canadian DJ who first hit the scene with Mass Manipulation in 2017. With grooving beats, impeccable sound design and irresistibly dancey hooks, her style is entrancing, and “Taste Of You” is no exception. Teaming up with Cameron, the single is pulsing with electric, alluring energy. 

“‘Taste Of You’ was an idea I had for a song about love and lust and how they both intersect,” Rezz tells American Songwriter. “I just want people to be free and express themselves in an honest and true way, to love or kiss whomever they’re attracted to without regrets.”

That free-spirited approach is a calling card for Rezz, which is part of why the collaboration with Cameron is so exciting. For her part, Cameron connected with the theme of “Taste Of You” immediately. “For me, it’s definitely about that deep animalistic attraction you have to someone, that kind of rare magnetic feel that doesn’t come around often,” she said. “The only two people in the room, they rip your clothes off in the hallway-type feel. We all know it.”

That sexual tension found its way into the new music video for “Taste Of You” too—with a dramatic set, brilliantly fun costumes and a steamy kiss, the video is the perfect visual pairing to the duo’s sonic stylings.

“The music video was my second favorite process (after recording the vocals),” Cameron said. “I love music videos more than anything, they’re like mini worlds. We shot all night from sun down to sun up in the middle of absolutely nowhere with no cell service in an abandoned movie set, which I think contributed to the feel of the video. Kind of my dream, actually. Definitely a bonding experience.”

Rezz felt similarly—she and Cameron didn’t meet in person until actually coming together on set, so the fact that everything fell into place so effortlessly was a sign of how well the two artists understood each other and their creative mission. “Dove is an icon and an actual movie star, so being on the set with her was amazing,” Rezz said. “I felt like I got to be an actor for a day, which was a lot of fun. Dove and I got on amazing and we had the best time, actually. And the kiss scene, well… it sorta speaks for itself.”

Now, “Taste Of You” is out, making for an ideal addition to any summer playlist. But for Cameron and Rezz, a lot of other amazing things are in the works too. Cameron’s recent single, “LazyBaby” is popping off and she’s set to appear on the upcoming Apple TV show, Schmiggadoon. Meanwhile,. Rezz’s new album is near completion and will feature the “most insane production I’ve ever done.” After that, she’s set to hit the road in spring 2022.

So, with “Taste Of You” out and even more great things to come, the forecast looks pretty good. Cameron summed it up nicely with her closing thought: “It’s gonna be a wild summer!” she exclaimed.

Rezz’s new single, “Taste Of You,” featuring Dove Cameron, is out now and available everywhere. Watch the music video for it below:

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