Rick Ross’ Pet Buffaloes Wandering Free, Upsetting Neighbors

Rapper Rick Ross’ home, home on the range can’t seem to contain his pet buffaloes.

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According to TMZ, the buffaloes living on Ross’ 280-acre Georgia estate, called the Promised Land, have wandered from the property and began grazing at his neighbor’s. This is not an isolated incident and has apparently happened on multiple occasions.

The neighbor reported the incident to TMZ on Sunday (March 19), saying this was the second time this week the two-ton giants had roamed onto her land. Worried the creatures posed a threat to her children, the outlet reported the neighbor went to confront the rapper. The conversation, however, sparked a dispute with a member of Ross’ team.

The neighbor apparently alerted authorities, however according to the outlet, no report was filed. TMZ obtained the below video of the roaming mammals, as well as photos of the damage to the neighbor’s yard.

The buffaloes were gifted to Ross in March 2022 by his business partner Darius Burton. “We are gifting Ross these Buffalo after a conversation at his birthday party back in January,” Burton said then. “I wanted to get him a giraffe but he wasn’t ready for that commitment so he said, ‘Let’s start smaller, like a cow.’ I said, ‘Nah, everyone has cows, I want you to have something nobody in your state has, I’m getting you a buffalo.’”

When they were gifted, one buffalo was a 5-year-old male that reportedly weighed in at 2,000 pounds and stood at 6 feet 2 inches. The other was a young 700-pound heifer.

“This is something I spoke into existence,” Ross said of the gift at that time. “My whole life I wanted a heifer. I got a heifer!” He named one of them Timbuktu.

Ross has reportedly been converting a portion of his estate into his Promise Land Zoo, adding a pair of lions to his exotic collection last year. Hopefully, those pets won’t be escaping anytime soon.

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

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