Rozzi Delivers The Ultimate Ode To Friendship On New Single, “Best Friend Song”

Everyone from Queen to Randy Newman has taken a shot at capturing the magic of friendship in song-form. It’s true that on the stormy sea of life, there is no better place to dock and take shelter than in the company of a good companion — which is why there is such an immense breadth of material to pull from if you’re seeking to write a song honoring the arrangement. A best friend is truly one of the best “best” things to have. One artist who is well-acquainted with this truth is Rozzi, who released her version of the best friend song — conveniently entitled “Best Friend Song” — on August 14.

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“I wrote this song because my best friend Tatti was moving out and we were sad about it,” Rozzi told American Songwriter. “It was the end of an era. I wrote it for her and to make us laugh. I really never thought I’d release it. It went through many iterations before we got the version you hear now — the song works many different ways which almost made it harder to find the right way.”

As far as infectious songs go… well, this is pretty much as infectious as they come. I mean, it’s pretty hard to get through even the first verse of “Best Friend Song” without smiling. This is thanks to Rozzi’s lighthearted, bubbly and funny lyrics, as well as the song’s crisp, commercial arrangement. Above all, the song flows like a summer breeze.

“I want to connect with as many people as I can through my songs,” Rozzi said. “Music makes me feel so understood — I want to do that for as many people as possible. I hope it makes people feel connected to their friends in a time when we’ve never been so separated. I haven’t hugged Tatti since February and it’s so sad! Quarantine has made me realize how much I’ve taken friendship for granted. I hope the song makes people appreciate the people they love and miss. And I hope this song makes them laugh!”

Listen to “Best Friend Song” by Rozzi below:

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