SHAED Eye Debut LP ‘High Dive,’ Release New Song “Part Time Psycho”

SHAED’s forthcoming debut long-player has been a long time in the making. The trio first hit the scene with Just Wanna See EP in 2016, catching plenty of industry heat—but it wasn’t until “Trampoline” that they hit on a global scale. Now, singer/songwriters Chelsea Lee, Spencer Ernst, and Max Ernst eye the release of High Dive, expected May 14 on Photo Finish Records.

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New single “Part Time Psycho,” shimmying with a cool vintage coating, keeps the release wheels turning, coming on the heels of other album tracks “No Other Way” and “Once Upon A Time.”

Wake up and I’m right as rain / Smilin’ out the windowpane, Lee sings, an almost witchy aura surrounding her voice. Somethin’ pullin’ on my chain / Twistin’ the wires in my brain.

In collaboration, the trio turn to Two Feet (real name Zachary Less) to elevate the song even further. “All of us are part time psychos. Feeling anxiety, pressure, confusion, and sadness is normal. But bottling these feelings up can be dangerous. It’s ok to admit when you’re struggling. It’s ok to feel a little psycho,” the band says in a press statement. “You are not alone. And you never will be. We hope that sharing this song about our own struggles helps normalize the ups and downs we all experience, and sparks more conversation about mental health.”

SHAED are doing even more than simply sharing their truth. A portion of the sales of High Dive will benefit an organization called Teen Line, which focuses on teen mental health and awareness, offering support and resources. Find out more info here.

Like many, the band was feeling “tremendous anxiety of not knowing what the future would hold” over the last 12 months, so it took awhile to get the songwriting muscles flexing again. “But once we got our bearings, music started flowing out of us. We wrote about every feeling we were experiencing—feeling depressed, feeling lost, finding confidence, feeling unhinged, mourning loss, and feeling hopeful.”

High Dive is now up for pre-order.

Check out the track list below:

1. “Dizzy”

2. “Osaka”

3. “Part Time Psycho” (featuring Two Feet)

4. “High Dive”

5. “I Know Nothing”

6. “Once Upon a Time”

7. “Colorful”

8. “Trampoline” (featuring ZAYN)

9. “No Other Way”

10. “Wish we Had Longer”

11. “Visible Woman”

12. “Six In The Morning”

Photo by Shervin Lainez

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