Sister Luna Crafts Harvest Moon Vibes On Debut EP, “Sanguine”

From the first moments of Sister Luna’s new EP, Sanguine, it becomes obvious that the Ohio-based trio is exploring new territory in the genre of Americana. Opening with dense, ethereal swells of David Lynch-esque guitars grounded by a solemn kick drum beat, the sonics of Sanguine match the vibe of the harvest moon due on the night of the EP’s release, October 2. 

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The first major release from Sister Luna, the 12-minute run-time of Sanguine features four tunes which showcase the band’s capacity to craft songs with a palpable atmosphere. With an array of guitars, keyboards and textural sounds, the EP demonstrates a new approach to Americana music which fits into the genre’s ethos perfectly while also pushing it into the future. Perhaps what allows the EP to do that so tactfully is the production style Sister Luna has embraced, which includes more low-end and gloss than traditional Americana.

This is an impressive feat unto itself, but it becomes even more impressive when you consider how the EP was recorded: “Everything was recorded at home studios during quarantine,” the band said via email. “We all have a decent amount of gear and work at a studio in Youngstown called The Crow’s Nest (which is where we recorded the drums) and made sure we moved what we needed out of there before we were locked in our homes for months.” Thus, the EP has that specialized touch to it — recording in your own home instills your music with a certain sense of intimacy, and that feeling is apparent throughout Sanguine.

Perhaps the standout moment of the EP, however, is its second song, “I Wasn’t Right,” which features vocalist Lexi Kays’ smooth, effortless lilt lamenting the dissolution of a relationship. “I was in a relationship that I knew was slipping,” she said. “I felt like if I put it to paper maybe I could figure out why we were heading this direction — I thought I could find a solution, potentially. Sometimes a relationship just isn’t meant to be and by trying to force it, you’re ultimately gonna end up doing more damage to the both of you.”

Marrying these relatable, emotional stories with their unique sense of musicality, Sanguine is a phenomenal entrance onto the scene from Sister Luna. With a high re-listenability appeal, the EP leaves you wanting only one thing: more!

Listen to “I Wasn’t Right” by Sister Luna below:

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