Daily Discovery: Vanishing Shores Pays Homage to Unsung Indie Artists Around the World

We’re all lost in the same dream
Loss and longing, from the same vein
Always wondering what it all means
To still believe

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These lyrics come from the chorus of Vanishing Shores’ new single, “Believe (Every Band I Know),” which dropped September 10. An impassioned indie anthem dedicated to the unsung local bands around the world, the song is a heartwarming ode to dreamers and music-makers alike.

“It’s a tribute to all of the hard-working indie bands out there pouring their heart into every single performance, regardless of the circumstances or reward,” Kevin Bianchi—the mastermind behind Vanishing Shores—tells American Songwriter. “It is a song of community and defiance. So many of us have had this dream of creating beauty in song since we were little kids. I wanted to admit to the struggles we all face to be ‘heard,’ but I also wanted to re-assert the commitment to pursuing joy no matter the cost.”

Ultimately, Bianchi knows that regardless of all the glitter and glam that comes along with commercial success, the true beauty of music lies in something deeper, something that has more to do with the power of creative expression than numbers, streams, sales, or anything like that.

“I want to be fearless in my pursuit of honest beauty in songwriting, even if I’m only singing to 10 people at a dive bar,” he says. “I want to believe and keep believing that it has meaning and value beyond just these fleeting moments. So ‘Believe (Every Band I Know)’ is an acknowledgment of the obstacles we face, both from within and without, but it is also a song of defiant joy because songs can and will transcend the momentary obstacles that try to keep them hidden or insignificant. There is limitless potential in music to change hearts and lives and bring beauty to a world that so desperately needs it, especially in our current moment in history.”

Coming out alongside Maps, Vanishing Shores’ latest record, “Believe (Every Band I Know)” also captures the organic musical umph of the outfit. With big, indie guitars, catchy vocal hooks, and powerful, booming bass, the mix, and performances make you feel as if you’re sitting in the room with the band as they play. 

In the end, even with all the difficult obstacles, Bianchi has a clear message he hopes resonates with listeners: “Keep dreaming,” he says. “Don’t give up the belief that what you do and create truly matters not only to yourself but also to the world around you. Take heart. Stay fearless. When you get hurt—and you certainly will—get back up and keep moving forward in love. Every time you add beauty to the world, you add something that can never be taken away or diminished. So I hope the listener can feel that we are journeying with them, wherever they may be at this moment in their life, and that we are encouraging them to keep dreaming ‘impossible’ dreams.”

Listen to Vanishing Shores’ new single “Believe (Every Band I Know)” below:

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