Emerging Artist, Wolf Mason Introduces New Single, “Soft Lips”

For someone whose entire music career has basically been in quarantine, Wolf Mason has found a way to take advantage of the situation and build a good foundation for himself.

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“We’ve been really advantageous about it, just pushing and putting out a lot of music and content, making it quality over quantity. I’ve been really lucky.”

He has most recently released his latest single, “Soft Lips,” which just radiates an effortlessly cool vibe.

It didn’t take Mason long to write this single. Within a fifteen-minute car ride, he already had the instrumentals and the lyrics planned out. He was ready to go home and record it that same day.

For Mason, inspiration can’t be scheduled. So when he gets the chance to start freestyling, he takes it and that generally leads him in a good direction. This time, that inspiration just so happened to come to mind while he was on the road.

This isn’t one of those typical songs about an ex-partner. He didn’t choose the sappy love story route or the intense revenge route. Instead, he managed to combine two extremes to create one great song.

“It’s something that is so sweet, but also really sexy and really honest. I just wanted to bring together those two things that kind of don’t necessarily go well together and take you out of the moment for two minutes.”

Even as a young artist who is still learning about the tough job of being a musician, Mason has many talents and strengths that he has been able to incorporate into his career.

His life was basically a movie in high school when he had to choose between the athletic and the musical life. Instead of bringing his competitiveness to the court, he ultimately decided that he would rather be performing, writing or just being creative in his work.

All the different skills he was able to learn in college when he focused on studying film for one of his majors, has allowed him to now direct, edit, mix, produce all of his own content. It’s a lot of work for one person, but he wants to know how to do it all and be great at it.

“Music is just the best medium to combine it all. It’s the most multi-dimensional form of expression in terms of taking something out of you and being able to reach the most amount of people,” says Mason.

“It’s so subjective and people can interpret it in so many ways but can objectively agree it sounds good. If you can hit that limit, then it really opens up the ability to reach people.”

In the next few months you can expect to hear even more from Mason, but for now, listen to “Soft Lips” down below:

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