Song Premiere: Baywood, “Ride The Way We Came”

The Song: “Ride The Way We Came”
The Band: Baywood
Who’s That: A promising acoustic duo comprised of Joe Ginsberg and Jarrad Kritzstein, former members of Audra Mae’s The Almighty Sound. Their new album Everything We Know, All At Once is out 1/28.
Sounds Like: The fifth morning of a fun road trip . . . Simon and Garfunkel with banjos.
Fun Fact: Ginsberg and Jarrad Kritzstein get along so well, they consider themselves brothers from different mothers.
Songwriter Says: “‘Ride The Way We Came’ was the first song we wrote for this new record, says Ginsberg. “For us, it bridges the gap of the time that passed between our Seasons EP and our first full length album. The song is about moving on from friendships lost, and an attempt to rewrite our own story by way of the road where we came; our roots as friends, and as people. It’s a nostalgic song, but also represents a desire for change.”

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