Song Premiere: HT Heartache, “Cowboy Poetry”

HT Heartache

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The Artist: HT Heartache, a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter

The Song: “Cowboy Poetry,” a spooky, ethereal song of wistful longing off her new album Sundowner

What’s In Her Name: I actually have a bizarre personal pact to not talk about the significance of the name HT Heartache. What I can say is that I wanted a moniker and this name just became it. There was never any period of deliberation; it just sort of arrived out of thin air.

Songwriter Says: I started writing this song once upon a time at my parent’s house in Los Angeles and finished it during a weird, sad two month stint I spent in New York a couple of years ago. A lot of the songs on the new record were written in bizarre installments and are kind of amalgamations of parts that were written separately over the course of many years. “Cowboy Poetry” was the first song Christina Gaillard and I recorded for this album and it went on to serve as a sort of “vibe archetype” for the rest.

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