Song Premiere: Meghann Wright, “Can’t Carry Water”

Meghann Wright
The Artist: Meghann Wright
The Song: “Can’t Carry Water”
Who’s That: A Brooklyn songwriter originally from Hawaii, Wright founded The City & The Heart, which helps support NYC-based independent female artists.
Songwriter Says: “‘Can’t Carry Water’ is about the physical, emotional and spiritual impact that manifests in a person when you realize you can’t do something, not for lack of trying – I don’t believe anything is impossible – but simply because it is not meant to be. At first you feel overwhelmed, depressed, anguished… then comes the warm glow of acceptance. There are some things in this world we are just not meant to have, or to understand. You realize this person has left you or this thing didn’t work out – but for a good reason. Better things are coming.”

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