Song Premiere: Odd Us, “Home”

odd us
L.A. native Aras Baskauskas’ extensive travels led him to view music as a medium for sharing his unique internal experience with the world. This viewpoint is reflected in the moniker under which he performs – Odd Us.  “We are all strange.  We are all quirky,” Baskauskas says. “We are all magical creatures and I think we are all a little odd.”

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In developing Odd Us’ debut album, The Tree and the River,  Baskauskas tasked himself with creating an experience for the listener that would span multiple spectrums – musical, visual, and literary – always with the ultimate aim of sharing authentic moments.

“Home,” the first single off of The Tree and the River, is a foot-tapping folk rocker. While the lyrics explore meaningful themes, the song manages to deliver the listener to life’s lighter side. “With so much of our world in turmoil, both socially or environmentally, it’s hard to find a place to rest our hope,” Baskauskas says. ‘Home’ is an anthemic song about hope; about returning to simpler times. We might not be able to control the larger forces at work, but we can always take refuge internally.”


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