Song Premiere: Woodpecker, “Married To The Movies”

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“I’ve not had the chance yet to save you in a zombie apocalypse,” sing Brooklyn string-band Woodpecker in their new song “Married To The Movies,” a fresh take on love in the age of Netflix. The song hails from their new album Thanks Anyway, out tomorrow on S/R Records.

The band wrote us a note on the song’s origins, which you can read below.

Well, I guess the song is about the blessing and the curse (the comfort, but also the dullness) of domesticity.

It starts with that moment when you actually feel bad about not being more exciting — how could your partner not, at some point, begin to resent the pedestrian routine the two of you have developed? so there’s a desire for real life to match great movie moments — for some extraordinary challenge to present itself, even as you sit in the world’s most banal setting (dinnertime in the living room with a movie on).

That moment has an arc which begins with a disappointment that there’s not a more grandiose opportunity to prove your love for them in a heroic way, but which rises to a quiet internal resolve that, ya know, if it ever did come down to it, you would totally kick ass for them. then, I don’t know, you pat yourself on the back and snuggle.

Listen to the song here:


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