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Who They Are: ONErpm stands for “One Revolution People’s Music” and is a digital distribution company focused on maintaining the artist’s control over their outreach. Born out of the struggling survival of record labels, the company was launched in 2010 as a way to forge more direct links between a songwriter and the delivery of their music to various digital streams. The company initially worked with mostly Latin American artists, with their top artist garnering 200,000 plays a day, and distributing music for bands such as Canada’s Metric to the Latin American market. As one of the fastest growing global music networks, ONErpm is now focusing on building relationships with North American artists.

How It Works: ONErpm has two methods of delivery for artists to built their digital presence. As a distribution company, they act as a file bank onto which musicians can upload their music, much like a CDBaby or a Tunecore, and provide monthly reporting to help track a song’s success. For a small fee, ONErpm will set up an artist’s distribution with the company. They also work with bigger artists and labels, acting as a traditional distribution company where they have premium clients that have customized deals. In addition, ONErpm realizes the potential of YouTube channels to monetize artists’ work. This is “where we can really help artists in the United States,” states ONErpm founder and CEO Emmanuel Zunz. The company identifies whether a video an artist has uploaded has been shared on YouTube, and whether anyone is using particular music in their own “user-generated” videos. Both situations create claims on behalf of an artist or label that ensure monetization.

The Importance of YouTube: As social media progresses in marketing importance, the focus seems to shift from year to year on different avenues.  Zunz tells us, “2012 was the year of Facebook. I think that 2013 was the year of Spotify . . . and I think that 2014 is the year of YouTube. I like to tell people, ‘Well, if you can get a lot of likes on Facebook, you’re producing content for Facebook, why aren’t you doing that for YouTube?” With a growing demand for multimedia streams to promote artists, videos help to give audiences a more holistic impression of what an artist is all about. And ONErpm doesn’t charge for their delivery to YouTube.

The Bottom Line: The delivery of music has become a populist movement of sorts, one that starts at the root and involves the integrity of distribution companies to maintain artists’ rights. With expertise in song delivery and YouTube navigation, ONErpm is at the forefront of the changing music business, focusing attention first and foremost on the artist’s ability to profit from their production.


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