Soon-To-Be Mothers Haley Slaton & Sam Moss Team Up for ‘American Idol’ Duet, Move Katy Perry To Tears

In the two episodes before “Round 3: Hollywood Showstoppers,” American Idol contestants were paired up for the dynamic duet challenge.

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The two mothers-to-be, Haley Slaton and Sam Moss were partnered together to sing a ballad rendition of “Dancing on my Own” by Robyn. The two comically dubbed their partnership the “Watermelon Smugglers” before taking the stage. The duo also received a backstage pep talk from Idol Judge Katy Perry.

“My lifelong thing is I’m never enough,” Perry told Slaton and Moss, choked with emotion. “Then I had my baby and it was like… I had my baby and I had all the love that I never felt like I ever had. It was just like, ‘Phew, there it is. I don’t need anyone’s validation anymore. I’m going to do it because I love it, but it’s pure love.'”

While all three women have been vocal about their journeys as mothers, Moss only recently found out about her pregnancy. “Since my audition, life has thrown me a huge curveball,” Moss said. “Becoming a mom this year was not part of my plan, but it brings a whole new reason and motivation to continue to do what I love.”

Both Moss and Slaton demonstrated this motivation and love in their graceful duet. The singers showcased an impressive vocal range and sonic awareness. In the end, though, Slaton was cut from the competition and Moss qualified for the next round.

Perry comforted Slaton saying, “I know you’re going to be a great mother. And I also know you’re never going to give up on your dreams.”

Slaton, in turn, took to social media to express her thoughts on the elimination. “My journey on @americanidol may be over but my musical journey is definitely not! Thank you so much for the support and new fans that have joined me from my first audition,” Slaton wrote. “I love you ALL so much!!! #AmericanIdol #20YearsofIdol #HaleyMyles #HaleyOnIdol #AmericanIdol #HollywoodWeek #Duets.”

Watch Haley Slaton & Sam Moss perform “Dancing On My Own” below, and stay tuned for more American Idol updates.

Photo Credit: ABC/Eric McCandless

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