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the student loan
The Band: Well-travelled string band The Student Loan
The Album: Moonlit Toasters
Fun Fact: The band has 16 countries for the U.S. State Department’s cultural outreach program. Their favorite activities abroad include jamming with local musicians, sampling local cuisine (meat and beer), and intense ping-pong matches.
Liner Notes:  The Student Loan is a progressive-acoustic newgrass project that has always defined itself with the sound of our live performances, which are cross-genre, improvisational, and energetic. After ten years as a band, we continue to cultivate our sound and develop musically. For our fourth studio album, “Moonlit Toasters,” we aimed for something more focused and polished. Producer Scott Law (Banjo Killers, Brokedown in Bakersfield, Darol Anger’s Republic of Strings) pushed us to define the “Loan-grass” sound and articulate it with clarity and purpose. The result is an album that captures the driving energy of our live shows, while thoughtfully representing both our musical roots and the new musical direction we’re taking. It can be a wild journey sometimes, but no matter how far you get from home, there’s always a little taste of home in there somewhere.

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