Suzanne Vega Covers Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side”

From An Evening of New York Songs and Stories, her next album, coming on September 11.

Lou Reed & Suzanne Vega

“I thought, ‘I’m from New York City, I can sing this song’,” said Suzanne Vega, and then sang her cover of “Walk On The Wild Side,” the classic song written by her friend, the late Lou Reed. Now it is one of two singles from her upcoming album An Evening of New York Songs and Stories, which is being released on September 11. Recorded live at the Café Carlyle in New York City, it’s a celebration in song about her personal and musical relationship with the city.

“It is always a pleasure to play at the Café Carlyle in New York City,” said Suzanne, “where this album was recorded. It is a small exclusive club that has hosted legends from Eartha Kitt to Judy Collins, and is also known to be the place where Jackie Kennedy met Audrey Hepburn. I love it for its bohemian old-world glamour.”

“I decided it would be fun to perform a New York-themed show there with songs inspired by New York City or for which New York provided the backdrop, including ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ by my late, great friend, Lou Reed—a song I rarely heard him sing himself.”

On An Evening of New York Songs and Stories, she is backed by longtime guitarist and musical director Gerry Leonard, who also produced the album, and also bassist Jeff Allen and keyboardist Jamie Edwards. Recorded in early 2019, it includes “Marlene on the Wall,” “Luka” and “Tom’s Diner”. There’s also “New York Is My Destination” from Lover, Beloved: Songs from an Evening with Carson McCullers, her one-woman play about the Southern gothic novelist Carson McCullers. 

Suzanne Vega, “Walk On The Wild Side,” live in Munich, 2014.

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