Ted Nugent Announces New Album, ‘Detroit Muscle’

For those with “Cat Scratch Fever,” here is your cat scratch medicine.

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That’s right, the outspoken and controversial rocker Ted Nugent has announced a new LP, Detroit Muscle, which he’s set to drop on April 29. The new LP is produced by Michael Lutz and Nugent.

See a full track list below.

“The mighty Motor City is forever globally known as the epicenter of the ultimate high energy soul-music firestorm, and everybody desperately needs a sucker-punch of Detroit Muscle now more than ever. Relax, it’s good for you,” the Detroit rocker said of the project.

Nugent also took to Twitter to announce the album and a way for fans to get an autographed copy, writing, “Get your signed copy of the new album Detroit Muscle!”

Nugent, who has sold more than 40 million albums and has performed upwards of 7,000 shows, is known for his songs “Cat Scratch Fever,” “Great White Buffalo,” “Free for All,” “Stranglehold” and “Fred Bear.”

Nugent, who is very vocal on social media, has criticized President Biden, vaccine mandates and more in the past couple of years.

In January, Nugent, who is very vocal on social media and has criticized President Biden, vaccine mandates, and more in the past couple of years, wrote on Twitter: “Never forget that there are lying soulless punkass demons out there that stand for pure evil! We must stop them and rid America of them ASAP! Democrats are the enemy of humankind.”

Not long after, he followed that up with, “Happy NewYear Clusterfuck. 2022. Dr. Fauci is a lying prick. The CDC, FDA, and US government are criminal anti-American devilgangs.”

Then he wrote, “It’s not a vaccine it’s a deadly experimental shot. Refusing to secure the borders is treason. Cultivating the violent crime explosion is treason. Governmental insider trading is treason. The factcheckers are lying scum. Happy new year anyway.”

Track listing for Detroit Muscle is as follows:

1. Detroit Muscle
2. Come and Take It
3. Born in the Motor City
4. American Campfire
5. Drivin’ Blind
6. Just Leave Me Alone
7. Alaska
8. WinterSpring SummerFall
9. Leave the Lights On
10. Feedback GrindFire
11. Starspangled Banner

For more information on the artist and his work, check HERE.

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