10 Musical Gifts that Make for Great Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are the black sheep of holiday gifts. Though a long-standing tradition, there’s rarely much thought that goes into them. Every year like clockwork, an assortment of gifts that were haphazardly thrown together somehow make their way above the fireplace. And if we’re being honest, no one really wants a pair of white socks or a few candy candy canes. 

That’s why if you’re looking to actually impress with stocking stuffers this year, it is worth trading in the sticks of deodorant for one (or more) of these gift ideas below. All 10 of these items — which range from an all-level Fender Harmonica to the tiniest functioning record player we’ve seen — meet the baseline stocking stuffer requirements: they are compact and affordable. But more than that, they also happen to be unique, thoughtful accompaniments to larger presents. Some (dare we say) may even rival what’s wrapped under the tree. 

Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth, currently $34.95 at amazon.com 

Since its adoption in the production world in the 1960s, the Stylophone has been used to stylize tracks from a number of legendary artists, including David Bowie and The White Stripes. And now your friends and family can incorporate the retro sounds to their own songs with the help of this Pocket Synth, a compact device that can fit in easily in (you guessed it) your back pocket. With it, they can play around with multiple analog synth and bass sounds all by tapping and sliding the connected stylus on its surface. 

Music Playing Card Deck, currently $10 at uncommmongoods.com 

Normally a Queen of Hearts doesn’t also double as Queen Bey, but then again, the Music Deck isn’t like most cards. Instead of traditional suits, here hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs are paired with members of music royalty. For instance, all diamond cards come with a caricature of a famous folk and country singer on it, such as Bob Dyan and Hank Williams. While stocking stuffers usually are just the appetizer and not the main course of holiday gift giving, this pick is so unique, it might just outshine all the other gifts yet to come. 

Upcycled Record Coasters, currently at $18 uncommongoods.com 

Each pack of these upcycled coasters come with six different records which have been crafted with a moisture-resistant finish. This ensures that condensation from your glass won’t damage the vinyl or, more importantly, your furniture. Think of them as a simple, yet thoughtful addition to any coffee table. 

Mous AirPods Pro Case, currently $35.99 at mous.com 

Apple’s newest AirPods Pro are powerful wireless headphones that pack a serious punch. They also happen to be pretty pricey, so any damage to these earbuds and you’re looking at spending some serious dough on a replacement. Help your AirPod Pro lovers keep their beloved headphones safe with this design-forward case. It is crafted with the brand’s signature AiroShock technology, which cushions the headphones in the event they drop or fall. 

Acoustic Guitar Stand, currently $40.64 at etsy.com 

While the overwhelming majority of guitar stands serve their purpose as being a protective accessory to your axe, they don’t normally double as a piece of home decor. Think of the Acoustic Guitar Stand as the exception to this rule. This bohemian style wall hanger can cradle your guitar in an upright position so that it is safely stowed away when not in use. It doesn’t hurt that it looks pretty awesome, too. As one current user notes, “Looks really great on our wall and has freed up some much needed floor space.”

Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica, currently $11.99 at guitarcenter.com 

The Fender Blues Deluxe Harmonica is designed for all levels, making it ideal for experienced players as well as those looking for an entry instrument. And many current players have noted that the sound quality is stellar, with one reviewer stating, “I play for a classic rock band and this more than delivers! Whether I play slow or fast, loud or softly, it sounds great and never fails me.” And for $12, that’s pretty hard to beat. 

Teeny Tiny Record Player, currently $12.95 at urbanoutfitters.com

As its name suggests, the Teeny Tiny Record player provides the vinyl listening experience with  small square footage. With a purchase of the player, shoppers receive the pint-sized turntable, as well as a trio of rock, jazz and soul records that can be played on the device. 

Kikkerland Design Mini Karaoke Microphone, currently $10 at urbanoutfitters.com 

And to round out your small music gadgets and gear is the Mini Karaoke Microphone. Like the Record Player, this is also a fully-functional device, and with its aux cord and companion app, allows users to capture their songs, podcasts and voice notes with complete clarity.

You Rock Handle Candle, currently $48.21 at etsy.com 

The standard scented candles feel tired. Instead, amp up the design with this funky life-size hand candle, crafted specifically as a reminder for your loved ones to keep rocking on. And if the reviews are any indication (the candle currently has a perfect five star rating), then the music lovers in your life are bound to enjoy it.  

JLab Audio Go Air True Wireless In-Ear Headphones, currently $29.99 at bestbuy.com 

It is 2020, and if there’s still people in your friend group who use wired headphones, then they’re really missing out on today’s latest and greatest cord-free technology. And contrary to popular belief, many of these wireless earbud devices are just as affordable as its wired counterparts. Take the JLab Audio Go Air Headphones, for instance. It comes with a 30-foot Bluetooth range, five hours of continuous playtime and booming audio quality, all without a single chord in sight. Plus, right now it is only $29.99, making it a stocking stuffer that’s sure to impress. 

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