The 35 Best Kane Brown Quotes

Kane Brown is a phenomenon that only keeps gaining momentum.

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Today, the 29-year-old Chattanooga, Tennessee-born country singer is one of the biggest names in popular music. He’s earned multiple platinum record certifications, millions of fans, and more accolades than could fit in a 10-gallon cowboy hat. 

The former American Songwriter cover star boasts songs with millions of streams—from “Heaven” to “What Ifs”—and with every single he drops, he continues to gain more attention and love.

But what does the artist have to say about the world at large outside of his song lyrics? What are his thoughts on life and love, his craft, and more?

Here are the 35 best Kane Brown quotes.

1. “You can’t hold a grudge against anybody; you gotta let it go.”

2. “My music-making process is pretty fun and easy.”

3. “Growing up, I never had a steady home.”

4. “I’m biracial; I didn’t know that until I was 7 or 8 years old. I thought I was full white, which, honestly, I can’t even really say because I didn’t see colors.”

5. “When I was younger, my mom and I lived in a car because we didn’t have anywhere to go.”

6. “I just feel like I have a chance to be a role model now.”

7. “Some people say I’m not country, but they don’t really know how I grew up.”

8. “It’s been neat to find out different writing strategies. I’ve been in the room with so many different writers. Sometimes, you write with tracks, and other times, with acoustic guitars. That’s been really a cool thing because it brings out different lyrics with you.”

9. “I feel like everything happens for a reason.”

10. “People always say, ‘There are plenty of black country artists out there. There is Charley Pride. Darius Rucker.’ That’s all they can name. They don’t understand what we go through, and a lot of people who are fans of traditional country music, as they call it, look at us and aren’t going to say, ‘Y’all like country music.'”

11. “I used to isolate myself and be in my room by myself all the time.”

12. “I could help a lot of people’s kids that are going through racism or getting bullied. That’s what I wanna do.”

13. “I try to focus on my fans, who I know have been there since day one.”

14. “When I first got into country, I was trying to do the traditional country thing, and I still have a heart for traditional country. But the songs I was writing just weren’t falling into that category.”

15. “I just like to see people smile.”

16. “I just want to help people, especially with the platform I’m on. I try and help people as much as possible.”

17. “I am not interested in changing who I am to fit someone else’s idea of what a category should be or look like.”

18. “I’m used to having to worry every day.”

19. “You put my voice on R&B melodies, on top of a real country band, and the sky’s the limit.”

20. “A lot of people say I inspire them or I’ve helped them—kids who have been bullied in school or parents coming up to me because their kids have been bullied or anything that they went through. It really touches me.”

21. “If you do get to know me, I’ll tell everything to you. But I don’t want to tell everything to the wrong people.”

22. “My nana was a detective; my nana was a great cop. You also have bad cops that were bullied in school or whatever and think that they have power, and that makes other cops look bad.”

23. “My tattoos… I’d be in the Army right now if I hadn’t got ’em.”

24. “I learned that my upbringing was rough, but there’s other people out there where their upbringing is even worse than mine. It just gives you even more of a reason to want to help.”

25. “I usually think about titles. I’ll hear somebody say something and write it down in my notes, and whenever we go into a room, somebody will start naming off titles, and whoever has the best title, that’s what we start writing.”

26. “I always say just stay positive. If you ever get down on yourself, try to find something that takes away that negative. Always find that positive area.

27. “Everyone should have equal opportunities and equal rights, but you can’t even have an opinion without somebody going off on you. That’s what’s wrong with this world today.”

28. “As a country, we can do better. Our home should be a source of stability, not insecurity. This issue is personal for me… even with a steady paycheck, I couldn’t pay rent.”

29. “I started going on YouTube and studying everybody who was super popular, from Taylor Swift to Beyonce to Michael Jackson to Chris Brown, just everybody… That’s what helped me find my voice and helped me find how I write songs, just doing covers.”

30. “Be a good person. The best person you can be. That’s what matters.”

31. “I feel like I should show people that no matter where you come from—you can get beat by your stepdad if you get picked on for your clothes and having no money—I just feel like everyone should know it will be all right as long as you keep focusing on trying to move forward and looking at the positive things in life.”

32. “If you come to my shows, there’s all kinds of different races, all kinds of different people.”

33. “I feel like everybody that saw my videos was like, ‘Oh this dude’s about to rap.’ They just played my videos, and I feel like I shocked a lot of people.”

34. “It feels awesome to be a Guinness World Records title holder and to be the first artist to achieve this with Billboard. I remember being in elementary and middle school and looking at the books for all of the records, and I can’t believe my name gets to be in there now.”

35. “I just want people to know that they can make it through hard times like I did.”

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