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You asked the questions, now we’ve got the answers. Check out our full “Twitterview” with John Oates and see if your question made the cut!

AmerSongwriter: I see you’ve played with @umphreysmcgee and @moeperiod. Who are some of your other favs to play with? (@mlhawth)

JohnOates: I have also played with @mattnathanson @dfrankenreiter @sam_bush Tab Benoit and Shawn Colvin

AmerSongwriter: Do you think the ’80s were a good decade for music? (@EvanSchlansky)

JohnOates: Yes, technology was changing from analog to digital and it was really exciting!

AmerSongwriter: What’s your all time favorite Philly Soul singer? Which P-soul singer gets overlooked & shouldn’t? (@SeanLMaloney)

JohnOates: Favorite would be Teddy Pendergrast Overlooked would be Philippe “Soul” Wynn (Lead singer of The Spinners)

AmerSongwriter: What inspired your transition from Maneater to Mississippi Mile? (@CMTRadioSam)

JohnOates: 30 years and a desire to get back to my pre-Hall & Oates roots.

AmerSongwriter: Congrats on the TV Land award! What will you be performing? Rich Girl?! (@FarewellDrifter)

JohnOates: “Rich Girl” “You Make My Dreams Come True” and “Kiss on My List.” Two will be on air, the other online.

AmerSongwriter: Has your approach to songwriting changed as you’ve moved from a duo mentality to that of a solo artist? (@JosephLemay)

JohnOates: I’m more aware of my vocal range when I’m writing songs for myself.

AmerSongwriter: If you could put a bluegrass/Americana spin on any Hall & Oates song, which one would you choose? (@CMTRadioSam)

JohnOates: I’ve done a Bluegrass version of “Maneater” with @sam_bush … and check out the Texas swing version of “You Make My Dreams Come True” on the new album

AmerSongwriter: How long have you been writing songs? (@Danheadlee)

JohnOates: Wrote my first song in 7th grade, so it’s been a loooooooooooong time!

AmerSongwriter: What are you going to do for your birthday? (@MandaraDesigns)

JohnOates: Playing a show tonight with @LFDHcom in New York!! And then afterwards, eat cake!

AmerSongwriter: Do you think we have more “Maneater”s now than in the ‘80s? (@CaineOrear)

JohnOates: Not sure…but I’ll let the single folks weigh in on that!!


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