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In our latest Twitterview, “bayou soul” artist Marc Broussard talks about his favorite songs on his new record Marc Broussard, being pigeon holed by genre, and more. Check out more Twitterviews with Rosanne Cash, Jason Isbell John Oates, and Frankie Ballard.

AmerSongwriter: Songwriting is often done w/ just a voice & guitar. Ever consider ­­releasing your demos for fans to hear? – @ArtieODaly

MarcBroussard: I’ve thought about it a lot. But my demos are usually well fleshed out instrumentally so the label can hear.

AmerSongwriter: Which song had the deepest meaning for you and what is it about? @yoephing

MarcBroussard: On the new album, ‘Big Mistake’ hits home. It’s about leaving and realizing you’re miserable.

AmerSongwriter: Which artists would you say have had the greatest impact on your music?

MarcBroussard: Michael Bolton, end of story. jk

Your style has been described as “bayou soul”…do you embrace that label? What does it mean to you personally?

Of course I embrace. That genre didn’t exist until someone invented it to describe me. I describe it differently though. When random people ask what we do, I sat it’s a hybrid of Psychobilly and Horror-core. We’re called Darc Broussard.

AmerSongwriter: What’s your favorite place you’ve played thus far on your summer tour?

MarcBroussard: San Francisco is one of my favorite cities in the world. I live for food and they’ve got plenty.

Do you see any of your children becoming musicians in the future?

MarcBroussard: My oldest, Gavin, wants to be on tour so badly, that he’ll practice enough just to get on the bus and not go to school!

Has having children affected your songwriting in any way?

MarcBroussard: Good question. I think so. But it’s hard to know for sure without a control group. Got a time machine?

AmerSongwriter: Is there any song that you’re most proud of on the new album?

MarcBroussard: Let Me Do It Over. I think it’s a great song and I feel honored to have it on my record. Now I gotta go. It’s been fun.

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