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Chris Cornell recently opened his Twitter account to your questions. Cornell is currently on tour promoting his upcoming acoustic solo album Songbook.

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AmerSongwriter: What has been your proudest accomplishment-the 1 u look back & makes u smile..? – @ine000

ChrisCornell: My relationship with my wife Vicky. We’ve lived & thrived through the darkest periods & came out stronger & closer.

AmerSongwriter: Love the Blues feeling of Temple of the Dog. Have you thought of doing a solo album with a more Blues vibe? – @dnat1017

ChrisCornell: TOTD was a capsule in time. I’ve written many songs since that could have been on that record, but not in a concentrated way.

AmerSongwriter: How do you come up with alternate tunings in such songs as Like Suicide, Sweet Euphoria, Burden and others? – @Blockheadjohnny

ChrisCornell: The C where the high E would be in Like Suicide was only way to get note to ring openly. I was thinking of “Born on the Bayou”

AmerSongwriter: Do you listen to any new music that is out there? If so, do any new artists interest you? – @jakie25

ChrisCornell: Always listening to new music but rare to hear new artists who make entire albums that draw me in I feel it’s a dying art.

AmerSongwriter: Did you ever have any vocal training, or are you just that awesome naturally? – @Edgellbrothers

ChrisCornell: Had some training early 90s for voice preservation but most comes from on the job training + lessons from … Ron Anderson who’s brilliant (if u listen)

AmerSongwriter: How do u choose what songs to cover? Heard you cover Beatles 2 Rush 2 White Stripes. – @terrellk23

ChrisCornell: Mostly trial and error, and a combination of songs that make perfect sense and ones that require a complete reinvention.

AmerSongwriter: What is one major element in your life that influences your songwriting? – @HeatherB216

ChrisCornell: What I hear in my brain (brain radio) dictates the beginning of any attempt at a new Song.

AmerSongwriter: How did you learn to play guitar? Did you take guitar lessons or did you teach yourself? – @ DesertRose99l

ChrisCornell: I’m completely self-taught on guitar- limited me in some ways but very helpful in others. My only goal to playing was to write songs.

AmerSongwriter: What made you decide to break from LOUD ROCK to go quiet acoustic for this tour? – @ Amykelinda

ChrisCornell: Since I can remember, many of my songs were written on acoustic guitars so I am just peeling them back to original form.

AmerSongwriter: Of the songs you’ve written, which one are you most proud of and why? – @tm1376

ChrisCornell: No favorites. I think of them as children with strengths, weaknesses & secrets that reveal themselves over time.

AmerSongwriter: If you could make your life into a movie, who would play you? What kind of movie would it be? – @luvopieco

ChrisCornell: I think movies can replace reality and in the case of my story I wouldn’t trust many people with doing that.

AmerSongwriter: Of all the musicians out there right now, whom would you really like to collab w/ in the future? – @SpencerLarson1

ChrisCornell: Been really happy working with Ben Kim & Matt again. Would have to be someone that at 1st thought makes no sense.



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