The Time Carrie Underwood Lived Out a “Lifelong Dream” of Performing “Welcome to the Jungle” With Axl Rose

Having spent over 20 years in the music industry, Carrie Underwood gained fame when she won the fourth season of American Idol back in 2005. That moment helped open the door to music. That door never closed as she went on to release nine studio albums and sell over 85 million records worldwide. A true professional when it comes to music and touring, the singer spent a great deal of 2023 helming her Denim & Rhinestones Tour. And knowing how to entertain fans, she once shared the stage with Axl Rose to perform the iconic song “Welcome to the Jungle.” 

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Throughout her tour, Underwood often covered hit songs alongside her own lineup. While fans watched her perform “Welcome to the Jungle” numerous times, back in March 2023, fans received a special treat when she took the stage and introduced Rose. Wearing a zebra print jacket, the frontman seemed right at home alongside Underwood. 

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Not The First Time Carrie Underwood Performed With Axl Rose

While rocking out on stage, it wasn’t the first time Carrie Underwood and Rose performed together. Back in 2022, the pair entertained a sea of fans at Stagecoach. Discussing the opportunity, Underwood told Rolling Stone, “I’ve been covering Guns N’ Roses my whole life, pretty much, and definitely onstage for the past 15 years at least. I had asked before if he would ever come sing, or if I could come to him somewhere. We had a couple almost maybes, where it almost maybe would have happened, but for various reasons, it wasn’t the right time.”

Underwood later wrote on Instagram, “Best. Night. Of. My. Life!!! I am still freaking out. Thank you, Axl, for making this lifelong dream come true!!!You rocked that @stagecoach stage harder than anyone has ever rocked it before!”

Although taking years to perform with him, Underwood shared how their first performance came about. “I sent him an email and said, ‘We’re so close to you,’ and explained the why and what he meant to me. The way I learned how to sing was I would pick really hard vocalists to try to emulate, and his voice always mesmerized me. I was like, ‘How is he doing the things that he’s doing?’”

Not afraid to ask, Underwood was shocked when he agreed. While loving the opportunity to sing with the icon, Underwood hoped he had a good time. And as for their duet on “Welcome to the Jungle”, it continues to showcase the wide range of the singer.

(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

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