The Top 10 Amy Winehouse Songs

It’s Amy Winehouse’s birthday today (September 14). She would have been 38 years old. Sometimes it can be tough to think about the singer, though. Her story is tragic; the biopic of her life is both so compelling and yet so difficult to watch. Winehouse’s voice and songwriting are piercing. It’s like a javelin from the heavens with a radio signal programmed directly for your ventricles.

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Here, to celebrate her, we submit what we consider to be the Top 10 songs and recordings from Winehouse; but really, we could just add the entire Back to Black album and call it a day. Instead, though, we offer a mix of what she did and what she was capable of before she passed away at just 27 years old, from both personal drug addiction and the media’s addiction to her.

Today, we chose to enjoy and celebrate her art. So, let’s do just that with these:

10. “Valerie”

9. “Love Is A Losing Game”

8. “Tears Dry On Their Own”

7. “Rehab”

6. “You Know I’m No Good”

5. “All My Lovin”

4. “Fuck Me Pumps”

3. “Our Day Will Come”

2. “Back To Black”

1. “Body And Soul”

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