Daily Discovery: 79.5 Spins Sounds of the ’70s for New Single “Club Level”

There’s something about the disco-infused grooves and psychedelic-esque lyrics from the ’70s that pull listeners in. Fully aware of this era’s electricity, New York City band 79.5 taps into this buzz for their latest single titled “Club Level.” With the band fittingly named after an imaginary radio station, 79.5 plays up the influences of Grace Jones and Donna Summer for this seductive new single.

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“When I went to sing the demo [for ‘Club Level’], it was 90 degrees or hotter that day. I was angry about a situation that seemed endless, I remember, yet was full of that hot New York City energy that’s supercharged and highly sexual and I just went for it,” singer/songwriter Kate Mattison says. “I think I blacked out at one point. It’s kind of a howl, and the lyrics are a bit oblique but they’re calling out the patriarchy.

“It’s kind of a taunting joint. I really wanted to tell the patriarchy that if they say they wanna play, we’re gonna play. Meaning—  bring it,” Mattison states.

With verses like Rich man’s toy, say you wanna play layered over expert saxophone wailings, “Club Level” easily takes over any setting. “Have fun and do exactly what you want to do,” Mattison proclaims.

Overall, 79.5’s sound is unique in its ability to capitalize on the offerings of the past with the freshness of today’s music. As a founding member who can’t “remember not singing,” Mattison explains that the band’s music is nothing short of “starstruck, shy, dreamy, terrified, yet hearts wide open.”

Listen to 79.5’s “Club Level” below.

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