The Top 20 Rolling Stones Deep Cuts: #20, “Sway”

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If you only listened to the Rolling Stones’ singles, you’d have a blueprint for rock and roll in all its glory. But for every “Miss You,” “Satisfaction” or “Sympathy For The Devil,” there are five album tracks that are equally worth your time. Here’s twenty of the best; may they gather no moss. 

20. “Sway”

Sticky Fingers was the first Stones album featuring new guitarist Mick Taylor, who brought his stunning technical proficiency and innate blues chops to the proceedings. He’s the only guitarist that can be heard on this track, and his solos in the middle and at the end ignite the song. Much credit also goes to Charlie Watts’ backbeat, which mirrors the song’s title and sways in alluring fashion. Mick Jagger’s moans and groans about “demon life” are quite affecting, especially when he’s saved by a girl and “a corner of her smile.”

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