“There Will Be an Answer”: The Beatles Cryptic Message Has Fans Connecting Dots to the ‘Let It Be’ Movie

Something new is brewing in the world of The Beatles. An enigmatic post has appeared on the Fab Four’s official website and social media pages that features the words “At Last…” at the top of the page above four blank squares. Beneath the squares are The Beatles and Disney+ logos, and on the right bottom corner is a red version of the Apple Corps logo, rather than the usual green apple.

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The post also features an accompanying note that reads, “There will be an answer.”

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It’s worth noting that the four squares are positioned in the same way as the photos of the four Beatles members appear on the cover of the Let It Be album cover, and “There will be an answer” is a line in the song “Let It Be.” In addition, the Disney+ streaming service was where the Peter Jackson-directed Get Back docuseries, which focused on the sessions that yielded the Let It Be album, aired in 2021.

Fans React to The Beatles’ Mysterious Message

While there’s no way of knowing for certain yet what the post is about, plenty of Beatles fans have taken to the comments section of the band’s socials to share their reactions and speculate about what the message might be teasing.

“[F]ans kept asking about the director’s cut of [Get Back] (there are many many hours more…),” one fan wrote. “[I]s this the answer?”

Another fan commented, “[Let It Be], the movie, is finally getting a digital release.”

A third fan pointed out, “The Apple logo was always green, it was changed to red for the [U.S. Let It Be] album release – I think this is pretty much a clue that we’re going to see a restored version of the original Let It Be film…”

About the Let It Be Film and Get Back Docuseries

The original Let It Be film was released in April 1970, shortly after the band announced it had broken up. The movie featured footage filmed during the January 1969 sessions that yielded songs that eventually were released on The Beatles’ final studio album, Let It Be. The Get Back docuseries was put together with hours of unused footage shot during the same sessions.

The Let It Be movie was generally disliked by the group, as it included a number of scenes that depicted tension and conflicts between the band members in the months leading up to the band’s split. The Get Back docuseries presented the Fab Four in a much more harmonious light.

Around the time of the Get Back docuseries’ release, it was reported that The Beatles also were planning to debut a restored version of the Let It Be movie. That didn’t happen at the time, though.

Is the Post Related to the Recently Announced Beatles Biopics?

Meanwhile, some fans also speculated that the post might be related to the four planned scripted Beatles biopics that were announced recently. Those films, which are expected to premiere in 2027, will be directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Sam Mendes.

Each of the movies will be told from the point-of-view of a different Fab Four member. The project marks the first time that Apple Corps Ltd. and The Beatles have granted the full rights to the band members’ music and life stories for use in a scripted movie.

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