Drink In Ex-Van Halen Singer David Lee Roth’s Danceable New Solo Tune, “Scotch and Sofa”

Former Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth recently debuted the latest in a series of new solo tracks, a funky, Latin-infused tune called “Scotch and Sofa.”

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The upbeat dance song is driven by synth horns and a funky bass line, and features samba-inspired piano interlude.

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Lyrically, the tune features Roth delivering some cleverly flirtatious wordplay.

“If you need me, try me weekly, freaky deaky / Scotch and sofa,” he sings in the chorus. “If you want it, yes I got it, you can’t stop it / Scotch and sofa.”

You can check out “Scotch and Sofa” now at Roth’s official website, YouTube channel, and social media pages. The tune is accompanied by a video featuring a colorized vintage photo of an old-school-looking couple dancing at a club. The clip also features the same image depicted in a variety of colorful paintings.

Fans Have Mixed Reaction to David Lee Roth’s New Song

Some of Roth’s fans were inspired to share their critiques of his new tune in the comments section of his YouTube page.

One fan wrote, “What a groovy song Dave! This type of music is your new calling!”

Another fan commented, “Catchy. Good one. Like the horns. Diamond needs to do some kicks and swords to this!!!”

A third wrote, “This is….interesting. I hope he releases an album or collection with all this newer stuff. Some of it is killer.”

Not all his fans were enamored with the new tune, including one who commented, “Oh the horror. What happened to the greatest band and front man in the world. This pains me.”

About Roth’s Most Recent Recordings

During the last few years, Roth has posted a variety of previously unreleased tracks on his official website and social media pages. He’s also made some of these songs available as digital downloads and via streaming services.

Many of the tracks were originally featured in The Roth Project, the interactive comic book Roth debuted in 2020. The online presentation boasted a soundtrack that included tracks Roth recorded in 2007 in collaboration with current Mötley Crüe guitarist John 5.

Roth’s last solo studio album, Diamond Dave, was released in 2003. That record featured mostly cover tunes. The last album of original material with which Roth was involved was Van Halen’s swan song, A Different Kind of Truth, which came out in 2012.

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