Beatles Buddies: Listen to the New Song Paul McCartney’s Son James Co-Wrote with John Lennon’s Son Sean

Beatles fans have long dreamed of hearing a new Lennon-McCartney collaboration, and now they can, just not quite in the way they may have expected. Paul McCartney’s son, James, has just released a new song called “Primrose Hill” that he co-wrote with the late John Lennon’s younger son, Sean Ono Lennon.

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The track is available now as a digital download and via streaming services.

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“‘Primrose Hill’ is here! Today I am so very excited to share my latest song co-written by my good friend Sean Ono Lennon,” James wrote in a message on his social media pages. “With the release of this song it feels like we’re really getting the ball rolling and I am so excited to continue to share music with you.” The post also feature a photo of James and Sean together.

James’ famous dad also posted a note on his socials about the new tune.

“My son James has a new song out called ‘Primrose Hill’ – check it out!” Sir Paul wrote. “And lots of love to Sean Ono Lennon who co-wrote the song.”

“Primrose Hill” is a indie-rock-flavored ballad featuring James’ soft vocals, delicate acoustic guitar, and welling strings.

James explained the inspiration behind the new song in a recent post on his Instagram page.

“I had a vision as a child in Scotland, on what was a lovely summers day,” he wrote. “Letting go, I saw my true love and saviour in my mind’s eye. ‘Primrose Hill’ is about getting the ball rolling with me & finding this person.”

Fans React to James McCartney’s New Song

As you might expect, news of the sons of Paul McCartney and John Lennon collaborating on a song has spurred a variety of fans to share their reactions on the comments section of McCartney’s social media pages.

“I just LOVE that it’s a Lennon-McCartney song!!!!” one fan wrote. “It’s so wonderful they can work together and carry on the legend of their fathers.”

A second commented, “May the wonderful music live on through the sons of L & M well done James and Sean!”

A third fan shared, “This is simply amazing!!! Great news.”

Yet another commented about the song itself, writing, “This is beautiful. It’s mysterious in a way leading me to want more. I hope there is an album soon.”

“Primrose Hill” Video Contest

Meanwhile, James recently launched a contest asking fans to contribute video clips that might be incorporated into the upcoming official “Primrose Hill” music video.

According to a webpage set up to promote the contest, video submissions must be between one minute and three minutes long, and must “capture the essence of love and romance while showcasing the beauty of [a] couple’s favorite romantic location.”

The videos should show the couples “enjoying each other’s company, engaging in activities, and listening to … ‘Primrose Hill.’” The clips also must only feature “Primrose Hill” as the background music. In addition, the video should be wholly original and not feature any copyrighted material besides the “Primrose Hill” audio. Submissions will be accepted until midnight ET on April 19.

James McCartney’s Other Recent Song

“Primrose Hill” follows on the heels on another new song by James McCartney, “Beautiful,” which was released in February 2024. The tune was McCartney’s first new music since his 2016 album, The Blackberry Train.

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