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Tim McGraw:
Number One Hits
[Rating: 4 Stars]

Starting with his second album (the first one was really just a warmup), Tim McGraw has shown a knack for being able to pick good songs, as well as songs that might not be so good but that his audience will pay to hear him sing. Or maybe some of that knack has been on the part of producers Byron Gallimore and James Stroud or the staff at Curb Records. Whatever. All that matters is that the guy has consistently ruled the charts, that he’s been able to show up with one number one single after another, and that he’s grown as an artist and a businessman in the process.

McGraw’s Number One Hits features chart-topping singles from all phases of his career, from his first number one (Craig Martin and Larry W. Johnson’s “Don’t Take the Girl”) to his latest, the Bob DiPiero/Tom Douglas title track of Southern Voice. The Stephony Smith-penned “It’s Your Love,” the duet with wife Faith Hill, is also here, as well as one of the inexplicably most played singles of all time, Rick Ferrell and Steve Follese’s “Something Like That.”

Not everything on this two-CD set was a number one record, actually. The dance mix of Tommy Barnes, Jumpin’ Gene Simmons and John D. Loudermilk’s “Indian Outlaw,” which didn’t reach the top of the charts but is regarded as McGraw’s breakthrough single, is included here. But it doesn’t really work all that well as a dance mix in 2010, when great dance mixes are an entire industry unto themselves. And since every package like this needs a new cut to attract buyers who already have much of an artist’s product, the mediocre new single “Felt Good on My Lips,” written by Brett and Jim Beavers and Brett and Brad Warren, is thrown in for good measure.

This career retrospective also includes Rodney Crowell and Will Jennings’ “Please Remember Me,” George Teren and Rivers Rutherford’s “Real Good Man,” and Bruce Robison’s “Angry All the Time.” And of course, this collection wouldn’t be complete without Craig Wiseman and Tim Nichols’ Grammy-nominated “Live Like You Were Dying,” which was named the number one country song of 2004 by Billboard. It’s interesting to consider how McGraw might be somewhat limited as a vocalist, but has consistently recorded good, even great, material by the top writers on Music Row, and has never been afraid to take a chance on a song that probably shouldn’t have worked for him (i.e., “Angry All the Time,” also included here).

There’s little here that we haven’t heard before, but that’s the point, and the song sequencing is smart in terms of opening each disc strongly and encouraging listeners to hear everything without track-hopping. If you’re a McGraw fan, or know someone who is this Christmas, this package is as good as it gets.


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  1. All of Tim’s songs are number 1’s in my opo. Oh and btw I don’t know who is saying that Miranda and Blake are the new King and Queen of Country Music but they are nuts, there is never ever gonna be another King and Queen as long as the amazing Tim McGraw and the beautiful wife he has long been married to are still alive and living and I pray it is a very very longtime indeed as they are the “ONLY” King & Queen so please refrain from your bs as Blake would not so nicely put it, he is nothing but a foul mouthed idiot who has some females gaga because they are well informed of how he so loves to party with all of them he can fit on his bus,my God he has no talent and less class, as for his gal pal well her actions have spoken volumes, and btw when Tim last was here he sold out in no time, nobody left early we all loved every single minute of it, he was amazing better than ever if thats even possible. Whereas your miranda lambert had folks whining for weeks afterwards I can assure you she best not hold her breath for her next invite as the folks who pack the Saddledome learned real quick that Lambert struck out and I am talking Miranda, I don’t care what you think but don’t even try to push it onto those of us who know and love Tim & Faith as they are the King & Queen of Country Music, we proudly look up to them and admire them so much, they never give folks reason to back track with tons of appologies as was the case in both your artists case, i.e. Lambert claimed to be an avid animal rights person and supporter well actions speak louder than words and she was busted red handed with her dead animals in her hands and her huge grin as her boyfriend stood by proudly smiling at his murderering girlfriend!!!!!!!!

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