Tony Glausi is Feeling ‘EVERYTHING AT ONCE’ on New Album

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Videos by American Songwriter

Tony Glausi had made it. In recent years, Glausi has won several international awards as a trumpet player and even won the Laurie Frink Career Grant. This grant allowed Glausi to hone his craft under the mentorship of the multi-Grammy-award-winning trumpeter, Wynton Marsalis. Glausi also produced several EPs and albums as a critically acclaimed trumpeter. 

And yet, that wasn’t enough for the Oregon-born musician. 

Today (September 3), Tony Glausi is dropping his 10-track R&B album entitled EVERYTHING AT ONCE featuring smooth notes of jazz and, of course, his finetuned trumpeting. “I think this is simply the most complete work of mine to date because it really incorporates everything that I do,” Glausi tells American Songwriter. “I’m arranging everything and even playing a little bit of drums here and there. I’m playing lots of key bass and putting in other instruments like synths and things that I hadn’t before done.” 


Logistically, EVERYTHING AT ONCE came together over a few years with the help of several collaborators in different recording studios. This approach is how Glausi landed on the title for the album—it’s a little bit of everything. Despite Glausi’s new strategy of diversity, one theme runs throughout the album: love and loss. “[The album is] more or less inspired by romance, by different relationships that I’ve had, and things I’ve experienced,” Glausi says. “A lot of it is really thanks to these wonderful people that I’ve shared time with.”

The opening track, “I Could Fall In Love (feat. Charlemagne the Goddess),” sets the bar high. The song is airy and bounces between Glausi’s untroubled chorus and Charlemagne’s witty verses. “This song has a very very simple lyric. I didn’t do much to lyrics on this one because I knew I wanted to feature a female rap artist, and she would kind of take the lyric into her hands,” Glausi explains.

The back and forth banter between the two artists on “I Could Fall In Love” was inspired by moments where strangers move Glausi to imagine a new love story. “This song was inspired by one of the many encounters I’ll have on the train where I’ll lock eyes with somebody very cute, and we just keep looking at each other,” Glausi says. “You just really feel this spark and the magic. Something’s happening, and that’s where this idea of I could fall in love [comes from].” 

In addition to this standout track, Glausi collaborates with the Latin Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Nana Mendoza on “Celeste Inmensidad.” Spanish for Celestial Immensity, this track explores the nature of passion and is one of Glausi’s personal favorites on the album. Following “Celeste Inmensidad” is “Lot of Enough,” written with Luca Max. This song captures the sentiments of wanting to move on after a relationship ends.

“Is Anybody Fkn Listening?” (feat. Max Milner), is another seamless collaboration that cuts right to the point. “Is anybody fucking listening? That’s a great question, and that’s all I have to say on that one,” Glausi states.

The remainder of the album documents Glausi’s heartwarming, and occasionally heartbreaking, flirtations with love. EVERYTHING AT ONCE is an emotional rollercoaster of sound and sentiment, one well worth the price of admission (which conveniently will only cost you a click).

Listen to EVERYTHING AT ONCE below: 

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