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Lainey Wilson is steadily rising in the ranks of country music. With No. 1 songs, buzzy collaborations, and a signature look that would be recognizable even as a silhouette, Wilson is well on her way to reaching Underwood or Lambert heights.

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That success didn’t happen overnight though. Wilson made the move to Nashville more than a decade ago with the aim of pursuing a career in country music, but it wasn’t until 2018 that she signed a major-label contract with BBR Music Group.

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The following year, she shared her first release under that label—an EP titled Redneck Hollywood. Among the project was “Things a Man Oughta Know.” The track would go on to become Wilson’s first No. 1 on the Country Airplay chart.

That first No. 1 was all it took. Ever since, Wilson has been off to races, scoring more hit singles, and awards, and even made her acting debut on Yellowstone—all of which have teed Wilson up for yet another laud-filled year in 2023.

Before we get too far into the year though, we’re taking a look back at Wilson’s journey thus far. Check out our picks for Wilson’s top songs, below.

10. “Rolling Stone”

Wilson’s debut album, Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’, earned her praise from music fans and the press alike. One of the standouts on the album is the cinematic “Rolling Stone.”

Wilson once told American Songwriter that the inspiration behind the track stemmed from a break-up with her childhood sweetheart. “I spent so much time being dishonest with myself, about ‘this ain’t really goin’ anywhere,'” she admitted. “It didn’t happen at a certain moment or day, but my give-a-damn just busted. From there on out, I knew this is how it’s gonna be.”

9. “Workin’ Overtime”

‘Cause I been hangin’ on a wing and a prayer and double daring, tempting fate and flying by / And I ain’t sayin’ that I’m worth savin’ / But I think my angels are workin’ overtime, Wilson sings on this 2018 release. “Workin’ Overtime” remains a fan favorite Wilson song with its classic country roots and spry energy.

8. “Live Off”

“Live Off” arrived with the release of Wilson’s Bell Bottom Country in October 2022. Wilson has called this track one of her favorites. She details all the things she is thankful for in her life, including Sunday talks with my mama and seven hours with a dog in the bed. Country music is often about leaning into life’s simple pleasures and Wilson delivers yet another stellar song in that vein with “Live Off.”

7. “Smell Like Smoke”

One of Wilson’s contributions to the soundtrack for Yellowstone, “Smell Like Smoke” was co-written by Wilson, Lynn Hutton, Monty Criswell, and Derek George. The lyrics detail the breadths of Wilson’s personality. She calls herself a southern-fried, dropped-in-the-grease kinda hippie. It’s perfect for the hit series and feels right in line with Wilson’s Bell Bottom Country persona.

6. “Dirty Looks”

“Dirty Looks” originally appeared on Wilson’s Redneck Hollywood EP. Wilson throws caution to the wind in this one and starts showing some major PDA with a stranger in a bar. Lost in their own world, they don’t care about the “dirty looks” they’re getting from the other patrons. Dirty looks good on you, she sings.

5. “Straight Up Sideways”

“Straight Up Sideways” was first released on Redneck Hollywood. This party banger showcases Wilson’s knack for injecting humor into her songs.

A-tip ’em back ’til you can’t walk / Cut loose like a chainsaw / Plastered like a drywall / Hammered like an old bent nail / Jacked up like a four-by / ‘Bout as buzzed as a Bud Light, she sings. At one point in every country star’s career, they have to deliver a hair-down, getting loose anthem. This is Wilson’s and, in keeping with her track record, it has something fresh about it.

4. “Watermelon Moonshine”

“Watermelon Moonshine” lives in the same realm as Deana Carter’s “Strawberry Wine.” She recalls the first time she ever tasted watermelon moonshine with keen detail: It was right after senior year / Just before the summer disappeared…We gave each other more than our hearts / With the help of a mason jar.

3. “Things A Man Oughta Know”

“Things a Man Oughta Know,” turned Wilson into a star in 2020. Acting as her debut single, this track clinched Wilson her first No. 1 song on the Country Airplay chart. She sings, I can hook a trailer on a two-inch hitch / I can shoot a shotgun, I can catch a fish / I can change a tire on the side of a road / Yeah, I know a few things a man oughta know.

2. “wait in the truck” (feat. Lainey Wilson)

HARDY’s “wait in the truck” took radio by storm. Peaking at No. 9 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart, this feature helped to ignite Wilson’s star even brighter.

“You know, HARDY has always been a buddy of mine,” she once told Sirius XM. “Anytime his truck breaks down, who does he call? Me. To borrow my truck. So of course we’re singing a song about a truck.”

1. “Heart Like A Truck”

Country music is full of great metaphors. Sam Hunt likened his girl’s body to a back road. Jason Aldean made a cleverly coded euphemism with “Big Green Tractor.” Wilson compared her time-worn heart to an old pick-up in “Heart Like A Truck.”

“Heart Like A Truck” wasn’t the first song to put Wilson on the map, but it definitely assured that she was here to stay. Wilson dares to be vulnerable in this one, admitting that her heart has been “drug through the mud.” But, like a trusty ole’ truck, she knows she will rev up once again and eventually be open to finding love.

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