Top 10 Pearl Jam Songs

Whenever a new band starts—and that must happen every two-and-a-half-seconds in the world—there arises a question: What should we call ourselves?

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Every time one of those conversations takes place, one other band name comes up. In the struggle to find the exact right moniker, to sum up your new group’s sound, energy and spirit, there is always the thought: maybe we should just call ourselves something random?

Maybe something like… Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam. What the heck does that mean? Legend has it, the name comes from someone’s relative Pearl who made jam. But whatever. To the world at large, it’s meaningless.

Except now it means something. Because the band’s music was amazing and helped to change the way history remembers rock and roll. Enter Pearl Jam, the Seattle-born grunge group that put the Emerald City on the map in the ‘90s with other like-minded bands like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Nirvana.

So, why not celebrate the group we all think of when we think of both grunge and odd band names. Here, without further ado, is Pearl Jam’s Top 10 Songs.

10. “Just Breathe”

9. “Daughter”

8. “Do The Evolution”

7. “Yellow Ledbetter”

6. “Better Man”

5. “Black”

4. “Dance Of The Clairvoyants”

3. “Even Flow”

2. “Alive”

1. “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town”

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