Track by Track: Brandon Lake Talks ‘COAT OF MANY COLORS’

“In many ways, we are all wrapped in a coat of many colors – we are clothed in the Father’s love and in his pride for us, and everyone one of us are his favorite,” contemporary Christian artist, Brandon Lake, said in a statement of his latest record, COAT OF MANY COLORS.

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The 16-track record reminds the listener of the biblical promises of God’s unconditional love and protection. Also present are Psalms, praises, and other messages meant to be lifted toward Heaven.

The five-time Grammy nominee proves why he has garnered so much attention with COAT OF MANY COLORS. He expounds on the traditional talking points of Christian music and delivers something unique for the genre—both sonically and thematically. He crafts a distinctive prayer that feels innate to Lake’s own relationship with God.

But, that it is our own interpretation of the work. Below, Lake explains to American Songwriter his own thoughts behind all 16 tracks of this record.

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I’ve always found the story of Joseph interesting and relatable. As a young boy I felt that God gave me dreams that weren’t always easy to share with others in fear that they’d laugh or possibly even feel intimidated by them. After trying to write this song several different ways, something finally broke open when I sat down with my friends Leeland Mooring and Jonathan Smith. There’s a certain season for songs and I’m grateful that this one came at the right time, reminding us that we can have confidence in who God has called us to be. We’re all clothed in His coat of many colors. 


I was at Hank Bently’s house with Jacob Sooter working on the record when we decided to take a break and head out for lunch. Jacob struck a few chords on the Wurlitzer as we’re heading out the door. I quickly was inspired and rattled off a verse idea with a fast cadence. I didn’t think much of it but as we got back from lunch I couldn’t shake the desire to want to write whatever song this would become. A few hours later we had this monster of a song that brags on who God is and all the things I’ve seen Him do. I’m grateful for those heavenly interruptions that inspire a song when you least expect it. 


Most of life is the “pit” and rarely the “palace.” I think it’s important to remember that praise isn’t just something God is worthy of because of what He has done, but it also serves as a weapon in the most difficult of situations or seasons. Praise can shift our perspective and get it off of the “storm” and on the one who keeps us. Praise will be easy in heaven where there is no pain, so praising God on this side of eternity, laced with pain, disappointment, frustration, trust, faith, is a precious gift we can only give Him now. 


Testimony songs will always be a part of my records because there is power in sharing your story. A unique part of my testimony is that my mom had six miscarriages, a few before I was born and a few after. After the first few, I’m grateful she never gave up on the promise that God made her, despite any doctors recommendation that she stop trying. My brother, sister and I are glad my parents kept praying and believing! 


This track speaks to multiple stories in the Bible of healing. I can’t think of a better storyteller of Jesus than “The Chosen” TV series and I got to partner up with them for the music video to share the story of this song based off of Mark Chapter 2 and Luke Chapter 8. We pray this song reminds you of the healing power of Jesus and to do whatever it takes, even tearing off the roof to get those in need in the presence of God. 


Easily one of my favorite songs on the record because you don’t hear the theme of adoption often in songs. However it is the gospel story. I wanted to write a song that in the verses would renounce lies we so easily believe. I love that it has a minor feel which makes the chorus soar as it lifts to declare that we’ve been adopted, His inheritance is ours, and we’ve found the family we were always meant to be a part of.


I wasn’t lying when I said there would be all different kinds of “colors” of sound on this record! “GOD IS NOT AGAINST ME” is one I’ve been so excited about! A powerful truth and a vibe of a track. And I finally got to rip my own solo. So many people think God is looking down with his finger pointed in anger, and it’s just not the case. Even those who are running away God looks upon with compassion, mercy and is so quick to forgive. I want more people to know how God is for them! 

8. “KIDS

This song started with the chorus idea which I thought might just be a fun little hook. After bringing in this idea that would become the chorus, it was quickly surrounded by powerful and prophetic lyrics in the verse. My favorite line in this song is “We’ll see the barren hold their babies, impossible things we’re gonna see with our own eyes.” I have so many friends going through what seems like impossible situations. I’m grateful to have a song to remind my community and others going through the same or similar situations that nothing is impossible. 


“I know it might be nothing new but Jesus I love you I love you, I do.” I could say so many things but at the end of the day “I love you” might just say it best. 

10. “MORE (feat. Benjamin William Hastings)

The funny part about this song is that we wrote it for Benjamin’s record. But as it sat for a few weeks it became the song I would play in my car more than any other. We decided to make a song trade and he graciously allowed me to record this song for my project and I would let him record another song we have in the works. I just love that this doesn’t sound like what you’d typically hear on Christian radio. It sonically feels fresh and utilizes a part of my voice I don’t engage often. 


“And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell can separate us from God’s love.” With so much going on in the world, it felt appropriate to remind myself and everyone else who needs it of the truth that we’re in the palm of His hand. Fear of tomorrow can be so crippling that I wanted a truth that would triumph over the unknown. No matter what happens I always know where I’m held. 


Turnaround was a fun journey because it started out as a more folk inspired song and then somehow turned into more of a pop track. As we wrote “Turnaround” it was easy to picture someone who felt they were up against an impossible situation not knowing how it was going to change. But I’ve seen God turn things around in my favor time and time again. 


We wrote this song in a garage where the reverb created an inspiring environment to sing in. The song started with the “gonna sit it rise up” part towards the end of each verse. With that phrase it seemed like the song wanted to take a more prophetic, declarative perspective. So we began to write prophetically because we believe these kinds of declarations actually make a difference. 


It would be hard to call this a worship album without a completely vertical song. I wasn’t concerned with being clever or creative in this song. I just wanted a song that was pure worship and easy to sing. This song feels like a breath of fresh air to me. 


This is truly an unfinished song but I loved this simple little repetitive chorus too much to not have a moment with it on the record. So we just made this a moment, a “tag” if you will, that could serve as a “soaking” moment on the record. Joining in the songs that’s been sung forever and we’ll be singing in Heaven. 


I wanted to write a modern day Psalm in the context of us living in the country, surrounded by creation and family. Easily could be my favorite track on the record! I experience God in so many ways, but out in the woods and on the water is a favorite.

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