Tyler Boone Ready To Release Autobiographical Tune, “Gettin’ High”

Videos by American Songwriter

Videos by American Songwriter

For the last few years, Tyler Boone has been bubbling just beneath the surface. Opening shows for artists like Sheryl Crow, The Avett Brothers, Sublime with Rome, Hootie and the Blowfish, Old Crow Medicine Show and others have expanded his fan base while working with guys like Tom Sarig (Lou Reed, Gaslight Anthem, Violent Femmes, CAKE, etc.) has expanded his musical mind.

Now if all goes according to plan, those bubbles are about to burst through in a big way.

Having recently signed with Sarig’s outfit Antifragile Music who describe themselves as “…a curator label and distributor for what we believe are select, culturally distinguished independent music artists,” Boone is readying a full album release for the fall. Not wanting to wait that long, the Americana rocker is excited about offering a first taste with the lead track “Getting’ High.”

“This is the first single of the upcoming full-length album and is hands down the best music I’ve ever written & recorded in my life,” says an exhilarated Boone. “So excited to work with Paul Ill & Dan Potruch on this single. We rehearsed & wrote for two months before deciding to finally record something and we definitely came out with something we are all proud of.”

Raised in the Lowcountry of Charleston, SC, Boone broke into the small club rock scene and slowly but strategically grew from there. The 2017 Runner up to Darius Rucker for Best Musician & Best Vocalists for Best of Charleston City Paper Awards, it wasn’t long until Boone was playing some of the biggest summer festivals in the nation thanks such as Summerfest in Milwaukee and Americanafest in Nashville. While his music led the way, truth be told some of those opportunities were thanks in part to his namesake bourbon brand; Boone’s Bourbon. Now before you chastise him for riding the corporate wave you should know that couldn’t be further from the truth. After all, this isn’t a marketing / branding partnership. It is literally his bourbon brand that he’s building from the ground up.  

That’s right, building. As in currently. Now. As we speak.

In a genius marketing move, Boone never passed up an opportunity to utilize the leverage his bourbon might afford him. If it opens the door to the stage, fantastic. He only needs one fifteen-minute set to convince anyone listening that his music deserves the spot and he should be invited back. Case in point, the man is also an official Taylor Guitars endorsed artist. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that since he’s not playing in front of 50,000 fans each night, the folks at Taylor must think he’s pretty alright at this music thing too.

Bourbon business aside, music is Boone’s top priority. After cutting his teeth along the eastern coast, in the interest of bettering his music and musical opportunities Boone recently packed up the truck and made his way west. A scary move for sure but this music business is a beast. If you want it, you have to go all in. Success never finds its way to those who only dance around the rim.

“This song is literally an autobiography of my move to Los Angeles and how my life has been elevated since moving to the West Coast. Anyone would be terrified to sell everything and just take what you can in your car, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything”

The man can write. The man can play. And given what we’ve seen so far, the man has no problem jumping into the deep end with everything he’s got.

If you dig Tyler Boone, go ahead and pre-save his forthcoming work.

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