Unreleased Beatles Track Hits the Internet

Photo by UPI. Public Domain.
Photo by UPI. Public Domain.

There’s talk of revolution all across the blogosphere today-the Beatles’ “Revolution,” that is. An alleged as-of-yet unreleased version of the fab four’s “Revolution 1” just made its way to the Internet, and the people are talking.

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This version of “Revolution 1,” seven minutes longer than its White Album equivalent, is speculated to be “Take 20” of the track. Difference in length is the primary aspect of “Take 20” that separates it from others, with the lyrics and musical structure of the ‘new’ tune closely mirroring its “Revolution 1” predecessor. The second half of “Take 20,” however, echoes the effects and loops seen on “Revolution 9.”

The track begins with John Lennon telling the band to “Take your knickers off and let’s go.” Ten minutes later, the song disintegrates into noise and more speech from Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Many bloggers are already calling “Take 20” the “holy grail” of Beatles material, but the authenticity of the track has yet to be verified


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  1. This is a find … but the Holy Grail of Beatles outtakes is arguably the complete, 20+ minute version of “Helter Skelter.” Hopefully it will surface some day at the band’s own hands.

    If bootleggers can do such an incredible job of meticulously documenting The Beatles’ work using nothing more than leaks and hard work, there’s no reason that McCartney, Starr, and their record label can’t do even better if they’d only apply themselves to the task with as much devotion.

    The music is preserved in vaults. The bootleggers have proven there’s a ready market for it. The media has proven its own ability to give any “new” Beatles releases the proper, historically focused attention that they deserve.

    Let’s hear it all. The world is more than ready.

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