Unreleased Paul McCartney Tunes Included in New Compilation for Yoto Children’s Audio Players

A new Paul McCartney-themed digital audio card for Yoto, a screen-free audio platform for children, has just been released. It features two instrumental tracks by the former Beatles star that have never before been available for a music product.

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The Say Hello to Paul McCartney card, which can be used in the Yoto Player and Yoto Mini devices, features a selection of 14 solo tunes curated by the rock legend. Among the songs are “Grandude Theme” and “Nandude Theme,” tracks McCartney created for the audiobook editions of his illustrated children’s books Hey Grandude and Grandude’s Green Submarine that are getting their full-length debut via the new Yoto card.

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The Say Hello to Paul McCartney card also features such other tunes as “Dance Tonight,” “Heart of the Country,” “Let ’Em In,” and “Mull of Kintyre,” as well as McCartney’s 1972 rendition of the nursery rhyme “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and a variety of deeper cuts.

Coinciding with the release of the Say Hello to Paul McCartney card, Yoto also has released two Beatles-themed cards featuring selections from the newly expanded versions of Fab Four’s 1962-1966 and 1967-1970 compilations, commonly known as “The Red Album” and “The Blue Album,” respectively. The songs for the cards were chosen to help introduce young people to The Beatles’ music.

1962-1966 (Yoto Edition) playlist features new mixes of 12 songs from the early part of The Beatles’ career, including “Love Me Do,” “Please Please Me,” “She Loves You,” “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” “Got to Get You into My Life,” and “Yellow Submarine.”

1967-1970 (Yoto Edition) playlist boasts recent mixes of a dozen songs from the group’s later years, including “Penny Lane,” “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “With a Little Help from My Friends,” “All You Need Is Love,” “Hey Jude,” “Here Comes the Sun,” “Octopus’s Garden,” and “Let It Be.”

“By introducing The Beatles to Yoto, we’re not only sharing the magic of their world-famous songs, we’re opening doors to a legacy of innovation, creativity and unity, all of which are values that Yoto holds dear,” says Yoto co-founder and CEO Ben Drury in a statement. “The Beatles’ music has the power to bring generations together and we are thrilled to have them gracing our Yoto catalogue.”

The Say Hello to Paul McCartney, 1962-1966 (Yoto Edition), and 1967-1970 (Yoto Edition) cards are all available to purchase now at YotoPlay.com.

Paul McCartney: Say Hello to Paul McCartney Track List

  1. “Grandude Theme”
  2. “Dance Tonight”
  3. “Little Willow”
  4. “Heart of the Country”
  5. “Mary Had a Little Lamb”
  6. “We All Stand Together”
  7. “Great Day”
  8. “Mama’s Little Girl”
  9. “Calico Skies”
  10. “Let ’Em In”
  11. “Mull of Kintyre”
  12. “Winter Bird, When Winter Comes”
  13. “Who Cares”
  14. “Nandude Theme”

The Beatles: 1962-1966 (Yoto Edition) Track List

  1. “Love Me Do” (2023 mix)
  2. “Please Please Me” (2023 mix)
  3. “From Me to You” (2023 mix)
  4. “She Loves You” (2023 mix)
  5. “Can’t Buy Me Love” (2023 mix)
  6. “Ticket to Ride” (2023 mix)
  7. “I Want to Hold Your Hand” (2023 mix)
  8. “If I Needed Someone” (2023 mix)
  9. “Drive My Car” (2023 mix)
  10. “Got to Get You into My Life” (2022 mix)
  11. “I’m Only Sleeping” (2022 mix)
  12. “Yellow Submarine” (2022 mix)

The Beatles: 1967-1970 (Yoto Edition) Track List

  1. “Penny Lane” (2017 Mix)
  2. “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (2017 Mix)
  3. “With A Little Help From My Friends” (2017 Mix)
  4. “All You Need Is Love” (2015 Mix)
  5. “Hello, Goodbye” (2015 Mix)
  6. “Magical Mystery Tour” (2023 Mix)
  7. “Hey Jude” (2015 Mix)
  8. “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” (2018 Mix)
  9. “Blackbird” (2018 Mix)
  10. “Here Comes The Sun” (2019 Mix)
  11. “Octopus’s Garden” (2019 Mix)
  12. “Let It Be” (2021 Mix)

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