Video Premiere: Acoustic Syndicate, “Heroes”

acoustic syndicate
“Heroes,” the latest song from veteran folkies Acoustic Syndicate, isn’t a David Bowie cover. Instead, it’s the first track to surface from the deeply personal Rooftop Garden, their first album in nine years.

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The Asheville, North Carolina-based band (which at its heart is comprised of two brothers and a cousin) is made up of farmers and environmentalists, which make them heroes in our book.

“Through our music, we have tried to maintain a consistent message, a reminder,” says vocalist/guitarist Steve McMurry, “that this Earth is the only one we will ever have. And though we speak of some lofty ideals in our music, my most fervent hope is that when people listen to us or come to our show, they leave with a laugh and a smile and the satisfaction of having been a part of something positive.”

Watch the video below (before it goes into syndication), and look for Rooftop Garden to sprout in September.


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