Video Premiere: Alexis Babini, “Jackie”

NYC-based pop musician Alexis Babini released his debut full-length album, The Pioneer Spirit, early this year, and it climbed to #50 on the top 100 singer/songwriter chart.  Since then, he has opened for everyone from The Verve Pipe to Ryan Cabrera to Howie Day to Aaron Carter.

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In between shows, Alexis spent countless hours animating the music video for his song “Jackie,” using only his iPhone. The colorful animation follows a loves-struck musician who is smitten with a ballerina.

Babini told American Songwriter about the process behind creating the video:

“I animated this entirely on an iPhone using old school frame-by-frame animation techniques and video rotoscoping. There are a few apps I used to do this  but primarily it was ‘Photoshop Express’ and ‘Animation Desk’. The animations get more complex as the video progresses.

I worked on this video for a period of about nine months. While backstage on tour I would often be hunched over my iPhone, slowly painting each frame with my fingers. I would also work on this while riding the subway in NYC, attracting curious glances from strangers looking over my shoulder.

I remember spending a lot of time looking at whale footage and trying to get a sense for how they move compared to other creatures of the sea. I also watched a lot of behind the scenes footage off of Disney DVDs from Netflix. I became fascinated by the talented team of artists who animated everything by hand. ”

Check out the fruits of his labor below.



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