Video Premiere: Billy Gilman, “Soldier” (Acoustic)

When Billy Gilman was on The Voice, coach Adam Levine had this to say to the young star: “You can emote so well. You can draw people in so easily.” 

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In the acoustic video for “Soldier,” premiering exclusively today with American Songwriter, the artist does just that. Accompanied on piano, Gilman breathes conviction into an anthem of strength: “I’m-a keep fighting … cuz baby I’m a soldier, gonna stand my ground.” 

“Soldier is my favorite song to date,” Gilman shares. “I have recorded so many touching songs but none of them has spoken to me more than ‘Soldier.’ I find myself hearing those words in my head daily. Life is tough for all of us in today’s day and age. If I can contribute something that helps someone else fight on and win their own battles, there is no better feeling. I am a singer. It’s my job to sing songs that inspire. ‘Soldier’ inspires me and I think it will others. This stripped down version really lets the words ring. Proud of this piece of art.”  


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